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Italy 1990 (16mm, 3', )

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Regia, sceneggiatura, fotografia e montaggio: Ursula Ferrara.
Production company: Ursula Ferrara, via Alberaccio 13, Asciano (PI).

Ursula Ferrara

Ursula Ferrara was born in Pisa on 1961. In 1982 she graduated the Art Institute in Florence and two years later sha draws her first animated film, Lucidi Folli, which won the Gabbiano d'Argento at the Bellaria Indipendent Film Festival (Italy). In 1988 she draws Congiuntivo Futuro (1988), Amore asimmetrico (1990), which won the Nastro d'Argento in 1991 and Come persone (1995), all drawed in black and white. Quasi niente (Almost Nothing, 1997) is the title of her first color film, then she drawed Cinque stanze (Five Rooms, 1999), La partita (The Match) is her seventh film, painted with oil colors: people and their lives during a match.

(Updated to the last partecipation to TFF)
Lucidi Folli (cm, 1986), Congiuntivo Futuro (cm, 1988), Amore asimmetrico (cm, 1990), Come persone (cm, 1995, Quasi niente (Almost Nothing, cm, 1997), Cinque stanze (Five Rooms, cm, 1999), La partita (The Match, cm, 2002).

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