Torino Film Festival


November, 7-15 - 2002

Director: Stefano Della Casa

Docs in Europe

The European Coordination of Film Festivals proudly introduces documentaries that until now have only been accessible to a privileged section of cinema society, producing a programme composed of thirty films that include: archived documentaries, the history of European cinema and recently produced documentaries.
A varied and passionate selection of European cinema has been chosen which will give the audience the opportunity to discover or to rediscover a genre that is not often associated with popular media culture. The art of documentaries seemed to have disappeared but it is experiencing a resurgence and rebirth, transforming the way in which documentaries are made now and forever.
The thirty films of the programme, fifteen feature-length and fifteen short films, fifteen archived films and fifteen recently-made documentaries, have all been chosen by Film Festival Directors from the fifteen countries of the European Union.
This exciting programme is divided into three sets of ten films from five different countries. The premiere 2002 set is composed of Belgian, British, Danish, Italian and Portuguese documentaries.
Thanks to: Tele +, Fondazione Scuola Nazionale di Cinema - Cineteca Nazionale, CGRI - Communaut

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