Guest director 2016: Gabriele Salvatores

06 July 2016
Gabriele Salvatores will be in Turin during the 34th Torino Film Festival (18th - 26 November 2016) to present a selection of movies titled "Cinque pezzi facili" ("Five Easy Pieces").

"I have these five films to thank, these “Five Easy Pieces” (easy but not simple), because they are some of the ones which kept me from becoming a lawyer." Salvatores says "Can a movie change your life? In my case, the answer is yes." 

Says Emanuela Martini "I think Gabriele Salvatores is the ideal filmmaker to be Guest Director of the TFF. As a director, he moves among a range of areas and interests, he takes risks and dares to address unusual topics and styles. At the same time, he doesn’t disregard the charm of popular culture, which always underpins cinema. And his choices for “Five Easy Pieces,” which he explains here, show how much Salvatores is in tune with a notion of cinema which constantly revives and reinvents itself, in the full spirit of the TFF’s tradition.