The collateral awards of the 34th Torino Film Festival

26 November 2016

The collateral awards of the 33rd edition of the Torino Film Festival have been assigned. Here are all the award winners and justifications:

SCUOLA HOLDEN Award – Storytelling & Performing Arts

The Jury composed of the students of the Cinema College award the prize


Best screenplay of Torino 34 to:


Lady Macbeth (UK, 2016, 89’) by William Oldroyd


For the following reason:


“A free transposition, elegant on the surface but, deep down, cruel. A descent into feminine power which seeks to gain its freedom in the name of an obsessive love. Sober, essential images. Clarity of exposition which recounts interior obscurity.”




The Jury composed of Igor Catrano, Paola Giachello, Paola Mariotto, Giuliana Prestipino, Alessia Scarsella, Silvia Stola, Sabina Tibaldeschi of “Torino Sette” award the prize


Best film of Torino 34 to:


Wind Sind die Flut / We Are the Tide (Germany, 2016, 84’) by Sebastian Hilger


For the following reason:


“For having used the power of images and a balance of genres to transmit a positive message to the new generations.”




The Jury of the AVANTI Award (Agenzia Valorizzazione Autori Nuovi Tutti Italiani), composed of Rossella Schillaci (director), Alberto Valtellina (Lab80 film) and Lorenzo Rossi (Cineforum magazine), assign the 2016 Avanti Award to:


Juan Zeng Zhe/The Donor (China, 2016, 105’) by Qiwu Zang


For the following reason:


“For having recounted, with great stylistic precision and surprising narrative choices, the drama of the human body’s commercialization, the individual’s reification, and the relationships of power. A universal film which begins with China but speaks of contemporary society as a whole and describes a social, political and economic fabric which belongs to every place and time. All this in a cinematographic form and a filmic language that are truly extraordinary for a first film.



Assigned by the Centro Studi “Sereno Regis” (Turin), whose Jury, composed of Ahmad Al Khalil, Elsa Bianco, Sara Galignano, Stefano Grossi and Cristina Voghera, assigns the Gandhi’s Glasses Award to the film:


Les vies de Thérèse (France, 2016, 55’) by Sebastien Lifshitz


For the following reason:


“For having poetically recounted the life of a woman whose existence bears witness to the process of women’s emancipation.

For having narrated how old age and a serene acceptance of death have become her final and definitive political action.”

Special mention to:


Wrong Elements (France/Germany/Belgium, 2016, 135’) by Jonathan Littell


For the following reason:


“For having illuminated with great narrative power the tragic existence of Uganda’s 60,000 child soldiers.

For having highlighted the nonviolent choice and conciliatory intent of the government which, in this way, has created the possibility for a moral and social rebirth of the young victims-oppressors.”


Special mention to:


Avant les rues (Canada, 2016, 97’) by Chloè Leriche


For the following reason:


“For having illustrated how an initial act of involuntary violence can spark a pathway of personal growth and the resolution of personal interior contrasts through the rediscovery of one’s roots, which had been violated by a white, homologating society.”


The award ceremony of the Gandhi’s Glasses Award will take place in the Sala “Poli” of the Centro Studi “Sereno Regis” at Via Garibaldi 13 in Turin, at 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, November 26th.




The Interfedi Jury, promoted by the  Valdese Church and by Turin’s Jewish Community, with the patronage of the Interfedi Committee of the City of Turin, and composed of Manuel Disegni (Jewish Community), Beppe Valperga (Interfedi Committee) and Sergio Velluto (Valdese Church), assigns the third "Interfedi Award – Prize for the respect for minorities and secularity” to the film:


Avant les rues (Canada, 2016, 97’) by Chloè Leriche


For the following reason:


“In a reality of poverty and marginalization, far from daily news reports, a caring community manages to support one of its own young people, who has found himself in a difficult situation. Canada’s indigenous minority, in which women, too, play an important role which is not taken for granted, finds, in its own spirituality, the resources it must draw on.”


Special mention to:


Spectres Are Haunting Europe (Greece/France, 2016, 99’) by Maia Kourkouta and Niki Giannari


For the following reason:


“For its very up-to-date content and the original form in which it has been handled.”

Our thanks to those who have given their support to the 34th Torino Film Festival.


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