The Official Awards of the 34th Torino Film Festival

26 November 2016

The official awards of the 34th edition of the Torino Film Festival have been assigned. Here are all the award winners and justifications.




The Jury of Torino 34 – International Feature Film Competition, composed of Ed Lachman (USA, president), Don McKellar (Canada), Mariette Rissenbeek (Germany), Adrian Sitaru (Romania), Hadas Yaron (Israel), assigns the awards:


Best Film (€ 15,000) to:


Juan Zeng Zhe / The Donor by Qiwu Zang (China, 2016)


For the following reason:


“We are honored to bestow the award on a film so beautifully observed in such rigorous poetic means - in storytelling, direction, performance and understanding in the world we try and live in. We think we have found a new voice in Chinese cinema that we will all be enriched from. Thank you”.




Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Award - Special Jury Award (€ 7,000) to:


Los decentes by Lukas Valenta Rinner (Austria/South Korea/Argentina, 2016)


For the following reason:


“This film takes the audience on a trip with Belén, a cleaning woman in the house of a rich family in a gated community. She finds a way to escape from her narrow cage when discovering a nudist community on the other side of the fence. Los decentes explores with a great sensitivity and precise observation the impact this new found freedom has on her life. At the same time, this freedom provokes a conflict with the bourgeois side of the gate. We give the special Jury Award to this daring and original film”.




Best Actress to:


Rebecca Hall for the film Christine by Antonio Campos (USA, 2016)


For the following reason:


“The actress, with such powerful presence on screen and with a rich nuanced performance has managed to beautifully portray a moving character that is emotionally in conflict with herself”.

Best Actor to:


Nicolas Duran for the film Jesus by Fernando Guzzoni (Chile/France, 2016)


For the following reason:


“For a very believable character who’s conveying a range of emotions, for such a young up-and-coming talent”.



Best Screenplay to:


Juan Zeng Zhe / The Donor by Qiwu Zang (China, 2016)


For the following reason:


“Perhaps we were influenced by our surroundings, but the jury was impressed by a taut, emotionally devastating film that shows how the Italian Neo-realist tradition is still alive and vital, even in distant corners of the globe”.



Audience Award to:


Wir Sind die Flut / We Are the Tide by Sebastian Hilger (Germany, 2016)







The Jury of Internazionale.doc, composed of Kamal Aljafari, Ann Carolin Renninger, Gaël Teicher, assigns the following awards:


Best Film for Internazionale.doc (€ 5,000) to:


Houses Without Doors by Avo Kaprealian (Syria/Lebanon, 2016)


For the following reason:


“Out of an impossible situation, he shows what is impossible to show - from the balcony of his family's home he looks at the whole world. He makes us feel that Syrian and Armenian people are all humanity and makes us trust in the tools of cinema to help humanity to exist and resist in all times”.

Special Jury Award for Internazionale.doc to:


Attaque by Carmit Harash (France, 2016)


For the following reason:


“Because she places herself in the heart of chaos and from this chaos she raises questions to all images that surround us, with a free spirit and humour which helps us to take a distance and defeats depression, because she proposes not to trust images but to deal with them in a very personal and fresh way, we give the Special Jury Award to Carmit Harash for her Attaque!”




The Jury of Italiana.doc, composed of Eleonora Danco, Luciano Rigolini, Marcello Sannino, assigns the following awards:


Best Film for Italiana.doc (€ 5,000) to:


Saro by Enrico Maria Artale (Italy, 2016)


For the following reason:


“A journey in search of a father he has never known. An intimate and wrong-footing documentary directed with amazing lucidity and precision. The author treats his story with intensity and courage, using a captivating narrative structure in which the personal dimension becomes universal”.


Special Jury Award for Italiana.doc to:


Moo Ya by Filippo Ticozzi (Italy, 2016)


For the following reason:


“An intense and sophisticated documentary. A poetic gaze which delves into a territory marked by the trauma of violence and death which is unforgotten by the protagonist Opio and by the people we meet. With sensitivity and precision, the director creates a true mimesis between filmic temporality and the suspended time of daily life, where nature is a long, colored teardrop”.


It also awards a special mention to:


A Bitter Story by Francesca Bono (Italy, 2016)


For the following reason:


“The young author takes on one of the most imminent social questions: integration. The adolescents of a small Chinese community deal with decisions about their own future, suspended in a limbo of identity and territory.

The daring formal and psychological approach uses the mise-en-scène without forgoing moments of authentic intimacy, in this way going beyond frontal realism while maintaining sincerity”.





The Jury of Italiana.corti, composed of Colapesce, Lucia Veronesi, Matteo Zoppis, assigns the following awards:


Chicca Richelmy Award for Best Film (€ 2,000 offered by the Associazione Chicca Richelmy) to:


Ex voto by Fabrizio Paterniti Martello (Italy, 2016)


For the following reason:


“The film recounts the tradition of a place divided between sacred and profane, and poetically presents an image of Italy divided between tradition and modernity”.


Special Jury Award to:

Il futuro di Era by Luis Fulvio (Italy, 2016)

For the following reason:


“The film sculpts a metaphor of the human condition. It proposes an up-to-date interpretation of the continuous and obsessive search for beauty through its destruction”.





The Jury of the FIPRESCI Award, composed of Frédéric Jaeger, Yael Shuv and Gianlorenzo Franzi, assigns the prize for Best Film to:


Les derniers parisiens by Hamè Bourokba and Ekoué Labitey (France, 2016)


For the following reason:


“A timely story told with empathy and urgency as well as a light touch. Les derniers parisiens tells a classic tale of the strained relationship between two migrant brothers trying to make it in Paris. It offers an inside perspective of life in Pigalle and glimpses into the many stories untold”.





The Jury, composed of Francesco Tullio Altan, Mariano Morace, Costanza Quatriglio assigns the 2016 Cipputi AwardBest film about the work world to:


Lao Shi / Old Stone by Johnny Ma (China/Canada, 2016)


For the following reason:


“For its style, suspended between true news reporting and the hallucinatory state in which Johnny Ma follows the piercing and tragic odyssey of a taxi driver involved in a car accident. The man wasn’t at fault but his feelings of guilt for having put a boy into a deep coma are obsessive: nothing and no one can help him, neither his friends, nor his family, which becomes increasingly less understanding and affectionate, and much less the pen-pushing sharks of insurance companies. Losing his daily job sparks a fatal loss of identity. Everyone is alone on the heart of the earth, and darkness approaches”

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