Previews from TFFdoc and Italiana.corti

08 November 2017
Torino Film Festival announces some hors-concours titles which will be presented at the 35th edition which will be held from November 24th to December 2nd 9:

Doigts by F.J.Ossang 

Napalm by Claude Lanzmann

Animal Cinema by Emilio Vavarella

Animal pensivité by Christine Baudillon

The focus of TFFdoc in 2017 is structured around the theme of travel. 
In the essence of documentary cinema there are exploration, discovery and adventure, but travel is a theme of the cinema tout court; think of the Méliès family: George creates imaginary journeys to the Moon, whereas his brother Gaston explores Pacific islands with his film camera.
The focus is structured between these two poles which are perfectly represented by two films: Napalm by Claude Lanzmann (Shoah, The Last of the Unjust); 9 Doigts by F.J. Ossang (Pardo d’argento for the best direction at Locarno Festival in 2017), both presented as Italian previews.

Both Claude Lanzmann and F.J. Ossang will be guests in Turin to present their films and meet the audience.

This year, Italiana.corti leaves space for neglected genres: animation films and videoclips. Two hors-concours films, both in world preview:  

Robhot by Donato Sansone

Sogno l’amore by Andrea Laszlo De Simone and Francesca Noto