David Grieco winner of Maria Adriana Prolo Lifelong Achievement Award 2017

01 December 2017
Yesterday, Thursday November 30th the Maria Adriana Prolo Lifelong Achievement Award 2017 was assigned to the critic, scriptwriter and director David Grieco.

The prize, named after Maria Adriana Prolo, founder of Museo Nazionale del Cinema, is the award assigned to a person in the world of film that particularly stands out in the panorama of Italian cinematography.

This sixteenth edition is dedicated to a man of eclectic film, active on different fronts: scriptwriting, direction, distribution and novel writing.

The evening, presented by Emanuela Martini with the participation of Vittorio Sclaverani, Caterina Taricano and the homage of Steve Della Casa, will continue with the projection of the director's film Evilenko (Italy, 2017, 111')

Click here to watch the video of the presentation.