TFF35: Davide Ferrario presents CENTO ANNI

02 December 2017
During this 35th edition of Torino Film Festival, the director Davide Ferrario presented his documentary Cento Anni at Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento Italiano.

Retracing one hundred years of Italian history, Ferrario lingers on what he considers to be the main catastrophes: from 1917 to Fascism, from the Years of Lead and the massacre of Loggia square to the depopulation of Southern Italy and the inmost parts of the peninsula today.

He chooses his materials and the different narrating registers to recount with variety what he found: Theatrical monologues, direct witnesses, field research, archive material, silent film and, finally, civil literature.

In the documentary, the director develops a complementary stylistic research and he isn't interested in explaining the dynamics of the single episodes but actually to show the consequences of the wounds inflicted to the Italian people

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