35th Torino Film Festival Official Awards

02 December 2017
Torino Film Festival is glad to announce the official awards assigned to the protagonists of this 35th edition. Here are the names of the winners and the motivations of the Jury.


The jury of Torino35, international full length feature competition, presided by Pablo Larrain (Chile) and composed by Gillies MacKinnon (UK), Petros Markaris (Greece), Santiago Mitre (Argentina) and Isabella Ragonese (Italia) assigned the following awards:

Best Movie:

AL TISHKECHI OTI / DON’T FORGET ME by Ram Nehari (Israel, France, Germany, 2017)
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Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Prize:

A FÁBRICA DE NADA by Pedro Pinho (Portugal, 2017)

Best Actress ex-aequo to:

EMILY BEECHAM for the movie DAPHNE by Peter Mackie Burns (UK, 2017)
and MOON SHAVIT for the film AL TISHKECHI OTI / DON’T FORGET ME by Ram Nehari (Israel, France, Germany, 2017)

Best Actor:

NITAI GVIRTZ for the movie AL TISHKECHI OTI / DON’T FORGET ME by Ram Nehari (Israel, France, Germany, 2017)

Best Screenplay:

KISS AND CRY by Chloé Mahieu and Lila Pinell (France, 2017)

Jury's Special Mention:

KISS AND CRY by Chloé Mahieu and Lila Pinell (France, 2017)
and LORELLO E BRUNELLO by Jacopo Quadri (Italy, 2017)

Audience Award:

À VOIX HAUTE / SPEAK-UP! by Stéphane De Freitas (France, 2017)

The international Jury composed by Güldem Durmaz (Turkey), Carmit Harash (France), Veton Nurkollari (Kosovo), assigned the following awards:

Best Documentary for Internazionale.doc (€ 5.000):

M–1 by Luciano Pérez Savoy (Bosnia, Mexico, 2017)

“The film captures a wonderful city and takes us on a journey through a troubled generation, in which a shattered reality is recomposed, in which documentary film blossoms”

Special Jury Award for Internazionale.doc:

SANS ADIEU by Christophe Agou (France, 2017)

with the following motivation:
“The work of a great artist whose passion for the protagonists is in absolute harmony with the beauty of the images, that transform film into painting. A movie that shows the face of the people who live with dignity on the margins of our society of well being”

The Jury of Italiana.doc, composed by Ilaria Bonacossa (Italy), Bernd Brehmer (Germany), Susanna Nicchiarelli (Italy), assigns the following awards:

Best Documentary for Italiana.doc in collaboration with Equilibra (€ 5.000):

DIORAMA by Demetrio Giacomelli (Italy, 2017)

with the following motivation:
“For how it personally recalls our relationship with the animal world and with nature, accompanying us on an emotional and psychedelic path through contemporary society.”

Special Jury Award for Italiana.doc to:

TALIEN by Elia Mouatamid (Italy, 2017)

with the following motivation:
“For the delicate way in which he shared the story of his family, recounting the subtle transformations of two cultures.”

The jury of Italiana.corti, composed by Iacopo Incani, Titta Cosetta Raccagni and Virgilio Villoresi, assigns the following awards:

Chicca Richelmy Award for Best Short(€ 1.500 offered by Associazione Chicca Richelmy):

IDA by Giorgia Ruggiano (Italy, 2017)

with the following motivation:
“For the ability to place itself in between balance and sensitivity among the degrees of social and existential reading, through a conscious glance, never aestheticising, intimate, touching and never rhetoric.”

Special Jury Award:

BLUE SCREEN by Alessandro Arfuso and Riccardo Bolo (Italy, 2017)
with the following motivation:
“For the extensive and capillary research, its aesthetic strength, and the precision of the narrative rhythm:”


The Jury of the Fipreshi Award (Prize of the Federazione Internazionale della Stampa Cinematografica) composed by Mehdi Abdollahzadeh (Iran), Marta Balaga (Finland) and Giovanni Ottone (Italy), assigns the

Best Movie Award to:

THE DEATH OF STALIN by Armando Iannucci (France, UK, 2017)


The Jury, composed by Francesco Tullio Altan, Sandro Avanzo and Maurizio Zaccaro, assigns the Cipputi Award 2017

Best Film on Work:

LORELLO E BRUNELLO by Jacopo Quadri (Italy, 2017)

with the following motivation:
If life is a long mellow river, the documentary Lorello and Brunello by Jacopo Quadri allows us to appreciate the landscape from one of its bights and watch it flow through the natural gait of its seasons. The director reminds us of a way of understanding work that often our urban civilization keeps forgetting (and removing). He does it through the powerful portrait of the two protagonists, who are conscientious of their role, of the history preceding them and of the times they are living in. A“resistant” film, which is both a document and as well as an ethic warning, which now gets hushed by contemporary, increasingly threatening and cumbersome, economic revolutions.”

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