Country: USA
Year: 1995
Duration: 110'

Who was Edward D. Wood, Jr.? Was he the heroic World War II marine who wore ladies' underwear during the battle of Tarawa? Was he the handsome man secretly a transvestite who attracted the most beautiful starlets of Hollywood? Or was he the Orson Welles of B films, the discoverer of the Herculean Steve Reeves, and the faithful friend of "Dracula" Bela Lugosí? Brett Thompson has put together interviews, pieces of films, and other neverbeforeseen material in his ten years of research that brings us back to the fantastic world of Edward D. Wood, Jr., Not only this, but it brings us back to that fabulous American film era when this director lived and worked with its war heroes, little starlets, producers with cigars in their mouths, and actors who were already characters in themselves. They were all full of grandiose dreams but without the money to make them come true. At the end, there is Wood's "lost" first shot film Crossroads at Laredo.


film director

Brett Thompson

Brett Thompson grew up in Los Angeles, where he- developed his passion for old Hollywood films. He studied film at the California Institute of the Arts at Valencia. He produced and directed the animated short film, The Housekeeper. He also made a television film for the Disney Channel. The Haunted World of Edward D. Wood, Jr. , is his first feature film made for movie theaters.


The Housekeeper (cm, 1987), The Haunted World of Edward D. Wood, Jr. (1995).


& Credits

Regia e Screenplay: Brett Thompson.
Director of photography: David Miller.
Editor: John Lafferty.
Music: Louis Febre.
Cast: Edward D. Wood jr., Maila Nurmi "Vampira", Dolores Fuller, Loretta King, Bela Lugosi, Crawford John Thomas, David Ward.
Produttori: Crawford John Thomas, Brett Thompson.
Production company: WoodThomas Pictures.