Retrospective - The Birth of The Cinema In Africa


Hold-up in koussou
by Gendarmerie ivoirienne
Country: Ivory Coast
Year: 1972
Duration: 130'

A parody of a gangster movie. A group of Africans arrange to meet on a beach near Abidjan to organize a hold-up. They are ready to kill and they take an oath, calling on the goddess Mamy Wata as their witness. On the day of the hold-up, everything goes smoothly and the gang get away in a car with the loot. This triggers off a chase with the police and the army. Two policemen at a road block, Sans Pitié and his assistant, act as a comic counterpoint to the efficiency of their superiors. Sans Pitié never loses an opportunity to have the law respected and educate his people: from fining a man who has overloaded his wife and the lorry-driver without a driving licence to whipping a passenger travelling on the roof of public transport. He is so enthusiastic that he even helps the gangsters who stop when their car breaks down, unaware of course of who they are... With battle arrays and an exaggerated deployment of resources (including a helicopter), in the end the gangsters are caught.


film director

Gendarmerie ivoirienne


& Credits

Director and screenplay: realizzazione collettiva della Gendarmerie ivoirienne sotto la guida del Colonnello Ouassenan Koné.
Director of photography: Lucien Larroudé.
Sound: Damassa Dembélé.
Cast: David Ahiboa, Lambert Trebisson, Djibril Coulibaly, Bakary Diabagaté, Philippe Koizan.
Production company: Gendarmerie ivoirienne e Ministère de la Coopération Français.