Country: Italy
Year: 1998
Duration: 7'

A man is going through deep trouble and going for a ride on the highways. He is forced to stop many times at rest stops because of his urgent physical needs. He believes that he has identified the underlying cause of the world economic crisis and promises to save everybody.

"Over the last few years I have happened to notice how easily people manage to believe in propositions that may even be absurd or impossible, just because they want to have answers about the world, life, love and themselves. They convince themselves or they let themselves be convinced, very little is different. I have tried to tell this with a bit of irony. I hope that I have not fallen into the trap of sermonizing and making fast judgements. I have also had the good fortune to have done my work very freely with people that I esteem and love and will never be able to thank enough" (Chiara Cremaschi).


film director

Chiara Cremaschi

Chiara Cremaschi (Bergamo, 1968) took up cinema in 1990, when she began to work in the administration of film series and courses for Lab80 Film and the Bergamo Film Meeting. In 1993 she collaborated with Massimo De Pascale on her first short film, which she also edited and wrote the screenplay for. She graduated from DAMS at Bologna in 1994 and worked as script girl and assistant director for Davide Ferrario. In 1997 she founded Manuela Film, a video and film production center, along with Lia Furxhi and Valentina Girodo.


Eurocity 237 (1993), Peter Pan è una ragazza (1997), Notti di onde, lacrime e banane - Fishkids (1997, videoclip), Parole per dirlo - dalla parte delle bambine (1997), Lavori in corso (1997), Filmati (1998), Rave - storie di provincia (1998), Insumision - Arpioni (1998), La verità (1998), Dolce attesa (1999).


& Credits

Director: Chiara Cremaschi.
Plot: Carlo Cremaschi.
Screenplay: Chiara e Carlo Cremaschi.
Director of photography: Massimiliano Trevis.
Art director: Francesco Bocca, Valentina Ferroni.
Sound: Roberto Serra.
Editor: Valentina Girodo.
Cast: Valerio Mastrandrea.
Production company: Over Film, via Canova 18, 10132 Torino, Italy, tel. +39-11-6960989. Co-production: Malamela Film, c/o Lia Furxhi.