Feature Film Competition 1998

Les années lycée: Petites

by Noémie Lvovsky
Country: France
Year: 1997
Duration: 88'

Emilie, Stella, Inès, and Marion come from different social classes. They have formed a "little gang". The way their lives go along is marked by funny or tragic episodes. Emilie's mother leaves. Stella's dog dies. Someone steals the skeleton of a fetus from a high school laboratory. As time passes, the four friends take up more serious affairs. Each of them chooses a "love" - an ideal, inaccessible fiancee chosen from among the "big kids" -, that is, the boys from the upper grades. As they grow up together, Emilie, Stella, Inès, and Marion feel more and more inseparable. "On the set you should be as close as possible to the actors and the crew and should not necessarily stop at the point where you think you were before you started. Everything that you have in your head when you begin to think about and write a film remains during the shooting... But it remains without your knowing exactly how it does" (N. Lvovsky).


film director

Noémie Lvovsky

Noémie Lvovsky was born in Paris in 1964. Her medium-length film, Dis moi oui, dis moi non won the Prix Perspectives du Cinéma Français at Cannes in 1990. In 1993 she made her first feature film, Oublie-moi, winner of the Grand Prix at the Belfort film festival for the best screenplay. Subsequently Lvovsky collaborated as screenwriter on Arnaud Desplechin's La Sentinelle (1992), Philippe Garrel's Cœur Fantôme (1994), and Yolande Zauberman's Clubbed to Death (1996).


Dis moi oui, dis moi non (mm, 1990), Oublie-moi (1993), Petites (1997).


& Credits

Director: Noémie Lvovsky. Soggetto e
Screenplay: Florence Seyvos, Noémie Lvovsky.
Director of photography: Agnès Godard, Bertrand Chatry.
Costume designer: Dorothée Guiraud.
Art director: Yves Fournier.
Sound: Frédéric Ullman, Cyril Holtz.
Editor: Michel Klochendler.
Cast and characters: Magalie Woch (Emilie), Ingrid Molinier (Inès), Julie-Marie Parmentier (Stella), Camille Rousselet (Marion), Jean Luc Bideau (padre di Emilie), Valeria Bruni Tedeschi (madre di Emilie).
Producer: Bruno Pesery.
Production company: Arena Films, 3 rue du Bois de Boulogne, 75116 Paris, France, tel. +33-1-56882030, fax +33-1-56880188. Co-
Production company: La Sept Arte / Unité Fictions.
Foreign sales agent: Intermedia Arc Pictures / Christine Ghazarian, 9-13 Grosvenor Street, W1X 9FB London, England, tel. +44-171-4953322, fax +44-171-4953993.