La vie privée

The Private Life

Country: France
Year: 2006
Duration: 72'

Sofiane and his mother Geneviève go to the “Vie Privée,” a large villa in Pays Noir. The boy meets here Maria and together they witness strange ghostly phenomena, like the sudden dissolving of their host, Mellifond. They also discover that another guest of the villa, the author Vaudrey, is only an imposter: an alter ego secretly writes for him. In the end of the holyday everything seems to have been only an illusion.

“I had entered the wrong room; a glance prolonged for three seconds showed me a figure seated at a table […]. I retreated, with a sense of intrusion; but as I did so I became aware, more rapidly than it takes me to express it, in the first place that this was Vawdrey’s room and in the second that, most singularly, Vawdrey himself sat before me […], the man whom, an instant before, I had to the best of my belief left […]. I backed out, closing the door […]. I stood there with my hand still on the knob of the door, overtaken by the oddest impression of my life.” (Henry James, The Private Life)


film director

Zina Modiano

Zina Modiano (France, 1974) is the daughter of the author Patrick Modiano. After completing her studies at the École Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Paris, she began working as an illustrator of children’s books and then as a set designer. She directed two theatrical pieces and participated in the production of TV broadcasts for Paris Première. In 1997 she debuted in cinema with the short Grogne, followed by En face (1998), which she directed in collaboration with Medhi
Ben Attia, who co-wrote La Vie privée, her first feature film. She now writes screenplays for TV and film productions.


Grogne (cm, 1997), En face (co-regia/co-director Medhi Ben Attia, cm, 1998), La Vie privée (2006)