Making of de «Veinte años no es nada»

The Making of «Veinte años no es nada»
by Laia Manresa
Country: Spain
Year: 2005
Duration: 18'

During the shooting of Veinte años no es nada, Laia Manresa, who co-wrote the screenplay, follows Jordá closely, recording his words, his moods, his doubts and his satisfactions. The result is an affectionate portrait of the director, who appears to his co-workers to be satisfied and happy with the successful outcome of the film.

“Jordá’s films shake the spectator, they awaken feelings and inspire ideas. His art focuses on uncomfortable subjects like death, suicide, the hopeless battle against capitalism, madness or pedophilia. His filmography, which is just as coherent as it is impossible to classify, doesn’t pass unnoticed because it studies the rage of the people and bears valid witness for society. Moreover, his continuous search for new visual codes makes him an experimental author who stimulates the intelligence of the spectator.” (L. Manresa)


film director

Laia Manresa

Laia Manresa, screenwriter, met Joaquín Jordá in 2000 after having seen a film of his during a trip to South America. This was the beginning of a longlasting collaboration that resulted in the screenplays of De nens (2003), Veinte años no es nada (2004), Literaturas de l’exili (2005) and Más allá del espejo (2006). In 2006, shortly before the death of the director, she published the monograph Joaquín Jordá. La mirada libre.


Making of the «Veinte años no es nada» (cm, 2005)