Pau i el seu germá

Pau and His Brother
by Marc Recha
Country: Spain
Year: 2001
Duration: 106'

After the death of his brother Alex, Pau decides to discover what happened to him during his last months of life and goes to the town in the Pyrenees mountains where the man had hidden away. Here he meets various local people and acquaintances of Alex – Emili, a solitary man who used to work in Tolosa; his daughter Marta, who has just arrived in town to met her father; his former fiancée Sara and his friend Toni. He discovers – too late – just how little he knew about the life his brother led.

“Recha is a director who knows how to use the acustic off in every scene and – something extraordinary – even suggests a visual off. As his filmography progresses, he manages to break the ‘corset’ of the text, suggesting what isn’t written, taking advantage of the incidents that can happen during filming, straddling the borderline between fiction and documentary. Marc Recha is a self-taught director, an expert of film libraries and movie cameras. Ever since he was an adolescent he invented his own cultural itinerary day by day.” (J. Jordá)


film director

Marc Recha

Marc Recha (Barcelona, 1970) lived in his city until the age of 17, when he was awarded a foreign scholarship by the Culture Department of the Catalan government. He went to Paris when he was 18 and worked on the film Otage (1989) by Marcel Hanoun. As a self-taught director and screenwriter, he realized some shorts and in 2001 he debuted with feature length Pau i el seu germà, selected in Cannes as the following Les Mains vides (2003). Dies d’agost was in competition at the Locarno Film Festival.


Transició (cm, 1987), El darrer instant (cm, 1988), El zelador (cm, 1989), La Maglana (cm, 1991), El cielo sube (1991), És tard (cm, 1993), L’escampavies (cm, 1997), L’arbre de les cireres (cm, 1998), Sobre el pas de dues persones uns anys més tard (cm, 2001), Pau i el seu germà (2001), Les Mains vides (2003), Dies d’agost (2006)