Purchè lo senta sepolto

Provided that it's buried

Country: Italy
Year: 2006
Duration: 18'

A fragment of a family, with latent, stagnant nature as a background. As stagnant as the life of Samuele, a schizophrenic boy who is disoriented by his father's death and stubbornly wants to attempt a reconciliation with him. He is helped by Fabrizio, a man who every day procures for the boy the dead animals he needs to reach his ends. With the pure and disconsolate innocence of children, Samuele believes that he will be less alone.

"I was interested in showing the world of children, in which a certain level of anguish is more likely to abandon us to a state of isolation. This solitude, in children, is very strong. Right from the beginning they clearly see the fragility of life, the existence of that horrible and ignominious thing called death. The boy in the film, in his absurd ritual, tries to learn through dead animals. To him, their passing on isn't just a way to communicate with his father, it is above all a way to bear the very idea of death." (G. Cappai)


film director

Gianclaudio Cappai

Gianclaudio Cappai (Cagliari, 1976), who graduated with a degree in Directing and Screenwriting from the Accademia internazionale per le Arti e le Scienze of L’Aquila, lives and works in Rome. He has collaborated on various web sites and publications, writing short stories and critiques, and has also directed various short films.


Voce del verbo morire (cm, 2002), Tre maschere ancora (cm, 2004), L’incosciente Cristo di paglia (cm, 2005), Purché lo senta sepolto (cm, 2006)




Spazio Italia Competition: Best Film