by Olympe de G.
Country: France
Year: 2020
Duration: 70'

Salomé, a 69-year-old woman, doesn't want to grow old in a society that pays little attention to elderly people; thus, she has organized her disappearance. The time that remains passes quickly as she plans her last evening in detail, in particular as she thinks about the last time she will have sexual intercourse. With the held of Sandra, a documentary filmmaker, Salomé organizes a casting to choose, among the many different faces and bodies, the person with whom she will make love for the last time. But, as she abandons herself to pleasures she has never felt before, Salomé discovers something new: her last time will also be a first time, just like every end is also a new beginning.

Programmed in collaboration with Fish&Chips


film director

Olympe de G.

(1983, Paris, France) makes erotic movies, in which she often performs. Starting in 2016 with The Bitchhiker, presented at the Porn Film Festival Berlin, she began to collaborate with the series XConfessions of Erika Lust, for whom she directed three short films presented at numerous festivals, Take Me Through the Looking Glass (2017), Don't Call Me a Dick (2017), We Are the Fucking World (2017). Une dernière fois (2020) is her first feature.


The Bitchhiker (cm, 2016), Take Me Through the Looking Glass (cm, 2017), Don't Call Me a Dick (cm, 2017), We Are the Fucking World (cm, 2017), Une dernière fois (2020).


film director

“I dream of a more body positive, respectful, open, sincere and creatively ambitious pornography. Since 2015, I'm doing my best to make new, beautiful films happen. Sometimes in front, but more often behind the camera. Whether I work as a performer or as an author or a director, I have chosen not to get paid for porn. I am an amateur pornographer. In French, amateur comes from «aimer», love. I create explicit contents out of love, passion and convictions, to propose creative alternatives to mainstream porn.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR: Olympe de G. SCREENPLAY: Olympe de G., Mélina Macio. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Kevin Klein. FILM EDITING: Louis Macera, Aurélie Cauchy. SET DESIGN: Cannelle Begoug, Clémence Janesky. MUSIC: JB Hanal, Cédric Hanak, Zoé Wolf. SOUND: Louise Addou. CAST: Brigitte Lahaie, Alexandra Cismondi, Arsène Laclos, Philippe Sivy, Francis Mischkind, Joss Lescaf, Misungui, Rico Simmons, Heidi Switch. PRODUCTION: Kidam, Topshot Films, Olympe de G. production.

CONTACTS: Reel Suspects, Francisco Zambrano festivalreel@gmail.com