by MarcoValerioAmico e GiulioBoato
Country: Italy
Year: 2021
Duration: 10'

Paradiso is a collective project created by the contemporary dance company gruppo nanou, the artist Alfredo Pirri, and the musician Bruno Dorella. The project began in 2021 and will continue until July 2022, with various events that will develop and analyze a performative process made of different languages. The video records and bears witness to this work in progress, taking stage performance into the universe of film.


film director

Marco Valerio Amico

graduated in May 2001 from the Paolo Grassi School of Dramatic Arts in Milan. He specialized as a dancer and choreographer with Monica Francia and Michele Di Stefano. From 2000 until 2003, he appeared in Monica Francia's productions and in 2005, in the show Real Madrid by MK, choreographed by Michele Di Stefano. In 2004, he, Rhuena Bracci, and Roberto Rettura founded the company gruppo nanou.


Giulio Boato

(Venice, 1988) is a director and film editor. He studied visual and performance arts at the University of Venice and presently lives in Bordeaux. In 2012, he made his first work of video art, with the composer and sound designer Lorenzo Danesin, with whom he founded the theatrical collective DOYOUDaDA in 2013. In 2015, he directed the documentary Jan Fabre - Beyond the Artist, which was followed by the play Mount Olympus (2017) and two shorts about Fabre. In 2018, he directed Theatron - Romeo Castellucci, which received prizes in London and Los Angeles; and in 2019, Shiro Takatani - Between Nature and Technology, presented at Montreal and at the 2019 RomaEuropa Festival. In 2019, he directed the video installation L'uomo che cammina (2019). With Lorenzo Danesin and Laura Belloni, he founded the production company 313 film production in 2021.


Jan Fabre - Beyond the artist (doc, 2015), Theatron - Romeo Castellucci (doc, 2018), Jan Fabre - Glass and Bones (doc, 2018), Shiro Takatani - Between Nature and Technology (2019), Rivale (2019), L’uomo che cammina (2019), Trenodia (doc, 2020), Paradiso (doc, cm, 2021).


& Credits

DIRECTOR: Marco Valerio Amico, Giulio Boato. COREOGRAPHY: Marco Valerio Amico, Rhuena Bracci. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Giulio Boato, Laura Accardo. FILM EDITING: Giulio Boato. SET DESIGN: Alfredo Pirri. MUSIC: Bruno Dorella. CAST: Carolina Amoretti, Marina Bertoni, Vera Borghini, Rhuena Bracci, Marco Maretti, Michele Scappa, Livia Bartolucci, Alessandra Cozzi, Elisabetta Da Rold, Agnese Gabrielli, Nicolò Giorgini, Simone Mazzanti, Camilla Neri, Francesca Rinaldi, Pablo Ezequiel Rizzo, Bruna Romano. PRODUCTION: 313 film production, Nanou Associazione Culturale.

CONTATTI: Marco Valerio Amico info@grupponanou.it