Country: UK, Ireland, France
Year: 1998
Duration: 95'

Two old men, Jackie and Michael, live in Tullymore, a village on the coast of southern Ireland. They find out that someone in the village had won a prize in the national lottery. So, they decide to look for the winner, earn his confidence, and take the prize money away from him. The two make several unsuccessful attempts to find the winner and, at last, they find Ned, the lucky winner. However, it is too late. Ned is dead in his bed with his winning ticket in his hand and a smile across his face. The man has no family. If the prize money is not claimed, it will be lost. Jackie and Michael decide to "impersonate" Ned and claim the prize money in his place. Michael fears for the worst, however, and convinces Jackie not to go ahead with the scheme. However, the lottery notary arrives unexpectedly from Dublin to check the request for payment and it is no longer possible to go back. Jackie and Michael have to involve the entire village in the cheating scheme in order to get away with it.


film director

Kirk Jones

Kirk Jones (Bristol, 1964), after graduating from the university film school in 1986, he began his career as a film editor. In 1989 he began to work as a director of commercials. In 1990 he won the Silver Creative Circle Award and later the Silver Lion at Cannes. In 1991 he founded Tomboy Films with the producer Glynis Murray. His first feature film Waking Ned, is inspired from a true story.


Waking Ned (Svegliando Ned, 1998).


& Credits

Director and screenplay: Kirk Jones.
Director of photography: Henry Braham.
Art director: John Ebden.
Music: Shaun Davey.
Editor: Alan Strachan.
Cast and characters: Ian Bannen (Jackie O'Shea), David Kelly (Michael O'Sullivan), Fionnula Flanagan (Annie O'Shea), Susan Lynch (Maggie), James Nesbitt (Pig Finn), Jimmy Keogh (Ned Devine),
Producer: Glynis Murray, Richard Holmes.
Production company: Tomboy Films, 41-42 Foley Street, London W1P 71D, England, tel. +44-171-4363324, fax +44-171-4363364.
Foreign sales agent: Overseas Film Group, 8800 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90069, USA, tel. +1-310-8551199, fax +1-310-8550719, e-mail
Italian distribution: Lucky Red, via A. Baiamonti 10, 00195 Roma, Italy, tel. +39-06-37352296, fax +39-06-37352310.