European Perspectives 1998


The Inheritors
by Stefan Ruzowitzky
Country: Austria
Year: 1997
Duration: 95'

Austria during the early 1930's. After the mysterious, violent death of the elderly landowner, seven peasants find themselves the heirs of the estate where they had worked for years. Once they throw off the ties that bind them to their domineering leader and free themselves of a few deep-rooted social inhibitions, the seven peasants discover the thrill of independence. The bailiffs of the adjoining properties, jealous of their neighbors' good fortune, join together to take away the new owners' rightful property. The conflict degenerates into violence, creating a movie that is both a "Heimatfilm" and an "Alpine western".


film director

Stefan Ruzowitzky

Stefan Ruzowitzky (Vienna, 1961) studied history and theater at Vienna University. He has made many projects in the theater and in the field of radio drama. Since 1987 he has worked as a television screenwriter and director and has written and directed various commercials and music videos. His first feature film, Tempo, won the 1997 Max-Ophüls-Förderungspreis. Die Siebtelbauern has been screened at the most prestigious international festivals. It won the Tiger Award at Rotterdam. Simon Schwarz won the award as best actor at Saarbrücken.


Tempo (1996), Die Siebtelbauern (1997).


& Credits

Director and screenplay: Stefan Ruzowitzky.
Director of photography: Peter von Haller.
Costume designer: Nicole Fischnaller.
Art director: Isi Wimmer. Trucco: Helga Klein, Georgie Schillinger.
Sound: Heinz Ebner.
Editor: Britta Burkert-Nahler.
Cast and characters: Simon Schwarz (Lukas), Sophie Rois (Emmy), Lars Rudolph (Severin), Julia Geschnitzer (la vecchia Nane), Ulrich Wildgruber (Danninger), Elisabeth Orth (Rosalind), Tilo Prückner (Grossknecht), Susanne Silverio (Lisbeth).
Producer: Danny Krausz, Kurt Stocker.
Production company: Dor Film, Neulerchenfelderstrasse 12, 1160 Vienna, Austria, tel. +43-1-4022138, fax +43-1-4022139, e-mail dorfilm@magnet.at.
Foreign sales agent: Fortissimo Film Sales, Herenmarkt 10-2, 1013 ED Amsterdam, The Netherlands, tel. +31-20-6273215, fax +31-20-6261155, e-mail ffsales@globalxs.nl.