Country: Italy
Year: 1995
Duration: 13'

Guards and thieves, black and white, the good guys and the bad guys, lights and shadows are the opposites that blot each other out at the onset of a supportive passerby. From Italo Calvino to Mack Sennett.


film director

Massimo De Pascale

Massimo De Pascale (Bergamo, 1963) lives and works in Bergamo when he is not on one of his many trips abroad. He graduated from the state artistic high school in Bergamo and then worked for three years as a theatrical photographer. He then opened Studio Fotografico Blow Up, where he concentrated on advertising and still life photography. At the same time he exhibited his works at the Milan Palazzo dell'Arte for the Tiennial of Architecture. In 1994 he founded the Manocerace Cultural Association, which aims to promote art and culture, particularly cinema in Bergamo and the surrounding area. He worked as cinematographer and cameraperson in independent short films. He directed two short celluloid films Eurocity 237 (1995) and Optimus (1997), both of which were presented in the Italian Space section of the Torino Film Festival.


Eurocity 237 (cm, 1995), Optimus (cm, 1997), Lo scippo (2001).


& Credits

Director: Massimo De Pascale.
Screenplay: Chiara Cremaschi.
Director of photography: Silvia Salamon.
Art director: Franca Bertagnolli.
Editor: Valentina Girodo.
Music: Moquila Fò.
Cast: Mario Barzaghi, Flavio Bonacci, Giullo Foglieni, Beppe Venturi.
Production company: Manocerace (Massimo De Pascale), via S. Orsola 14, 24100 Bergamo, tel. +39035-231697.