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Jacques Rivette le veilleur. 1. Le jour; 2. La nuit

Jacques Rivette le veilleur. 1. Le jour; 2. La nuit

Country: France
Year: 1990
Duration: 70'

"The first images from Le veilleur: Jacques Rivette, his hands behind his back, moves from one picture by Fautrier to another, silently and swiftly. It could be the outline of a story, this dark body among sad faceless pictures, and Rivette, for the first time, would be an actor (Godard, Truffaut and Rohmer have all been actors, the first two in the fullest sense, the last more fleetingly). More than a body, its a silhouette in action, trying not to be noticed, but just to mark the boundaries of the space the setting. It's well known that the secret of Rivette's fiction is place: labyrinths, corridors, secret networks wandering among streets, scenes, houses, characters. You can also see Rivette's face and his hands, a face immobilized by reserve and totally absorbed in what he is saying, voluble hands tracing constant movements in space. That face and those hands tell the story of Jacques Rivette: Rouen, Paris, the 'Cahiers du cinéma', his films, other people's films. He tells his story with the modesty of his love for Cinema, just to survive, before making his own films. Rivette won't say what a director is, but rather what he isn't: 'not only must a director not be a dictator, but he mustn't even be a father." (Anne-Marie Faux)


film director

Claire Denis

Born in Paris in 1948, Claire Denis came to the cinema as an assistant. In 1988, she made her first feature, Chocolat, which was partially based on her childhood in Cameroon. Nénette et Boni won the last Locarno Film Festival.


Chocolat (1988), Man no Run (doc., 1989), Jacques Rivette, le veilleur (in collaborazione con Serge Daney per la serie Tv Cinéma de notre temps, 1989), S'en fout la mort (Al diavolo la morte, 1990), Keep it for Yourself (1991), Ni une, ni deux (Tv, 1991), La robe a cerceaux (Tv, 1992), J'ai pas sommeil (1993), Nénette et Boni (1996).


& Credits

Director: Claire Denis
Collaborazione: Serge Daney.
Director of photography: Agnès Godard, Béatrice Mizrahi.
Editor: Dominique Auvray, Jean Dubreuil.
Sound: Jean-Pierre Laforce, Henri Maikoff.
Mixaggio: Eric Tisserand.
Assistente operatore: Bruno Roza.
Interventi di: Serge Daney, Jacques Rivette.
Production company: La Sept, AMIP, in associazione con Channel Four.
Produttore delegato ed esecutivo: Janine Bazin, André S. Labarthe, Alain Plagne Art Productions.
Assistenti di Production company: Nalini de Rozario, Eva Truffaut.
Serie diretta da: Janine Bazin, André S. Labarthe.
Riprese: Musée Galliera, Parigi.
Estratti da: Paris nous appartient, L'amour fou, Out One, Duelle, Le Pont du Nord.