Country: Italy
Year: 1995
Duration: 6'5''

This film features images of a day at school from the time of the entry into the classrooms, through the time for a break for an afternoon snack, to the time when the students go away. These are situations that students experience, with little variations, at the elementary schools as well as the university. There are no dialogues. Only the music ironically underlines the atmosphere of the different moments.


film director

Michela Costa

Michela Costa is a Liberal Arts student at the University of Turin. Since 1993, she has been working with Riccardo Gelatti in the field of video. Together, they made Déjà vu, chosen to be shown in the Turin Space competition in 1995.

Riccardo Gelatti

Riccardo Gelatti (Milan, 1970) made his film debut in 1986 with Doppio Movente. He has made many otherfilms and videos since then with amateur equipment. Co-directed with Michela Costa, his films entered the Turin Space Previews and were selected for the competition. These include Déjà vu (1995) and Il fungo e il fiorellino (1996). In 1996 he also participated in the collective project Guerra e pace (under the group direction of Tempi Moderni), selected for the Turin Space Competition and second-prize winner at the 1° Festival Nazionale Cinema Trash.


& Credits

Regia, sceneggiatura, fotografia, scenografia, montaggio e suono: Michela Costa, Riccardo Gelatti.
Music: Pink Floyd, Louis Armstrong, brani parlati di Sergio Endrigo e brani dalle colonne sonore di film di Charlie Chaplin.
Cast: alunni dell'Istituto Sociale (1ª B) e studenti universitari.
Production company: Michela Costa, Riccardo Celatti, via Valeggio 25, 10128 Torino, Italy, tel. +39-011505282.