Country: Brazil
Year: 1953

We follow the exploits of the cangaçeiro, Galdino, and his band at the beginning of the century in the Northeast of Brazil. These bandits sack a town and then kidnap a young woman school teacher, Oliva, and take her back to their hideout. Galdino's lieutenant, the young Teodoro, is against the violent methods of his chief and so helps the young woman get away and flees with her. The next morning Galdino begins to chase them. And one of the reasons is that he too is attracted to Oliva. He catches up with them, but refuses to enter into a duel against Teodoro. Instead, he suggests a cruel game to the couple. Teodoro has to run over a stretch of land under the fire of Galdino's band. If he reaches the woods, where Oliva has found her safety, both of them shall be free. The game begins.


film director

Lima Barreto


& Credits

Director and screenplay: Lima Barreto.
Director of photography: H. E. "Chick" Fowle.
Art director: Carilé e Pierino Massenzi.
Music: Gabriel Migliori.
Cast and characters: Alberto Ruschel (Galdino), Marisa Prado (Oliva), Milton Ribeiro, Vanja Orico, Ricardo Canpos, Adonirá Barbosa, Nensa Veras, Zé do Norte, Victor Lima Barreto.
Production company: Vera Cruz, Cid Leite de Silva.