by Fernanda Valadez
Country: Mexico, Spain
Year: 2020
Duration: 95'

Magdalena hasn't had any news from her son since he left Mexico to cross the border into the United States, months earlier. The authorities want her to sign his death certificate but when Magdalena meets a parent in mourning, she decides to embark on a journey through Mexico to discover her son’s destiny. When she meets Miguel, a young man who was forced to repatriate from the United States, the two find themselves together, facing the violence and desolation of a country that has changed profoundly. A terse debut on a private history about a drama that an entire country shares.


film director

Fernanda Valadez

(Mexico, 1981) graduated from the Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica. Her first short film, De este mundo (2010), received the best short film award at the Guanajuato Film Festival. Her graduation short film, 400 bags (2014), was selected for the Editing Studio of the Berlinale Talents and received different awards around the world. She is founding partner of the production companies Enaguas Cine e Corpulenta with which she has produced several films. Identifying Features (2020) is her feature length debut; it was presented at the Sundance Film Festival, winning the Audience Award andthe World Cinema Dramatic Special Jury Award for Best Screenplay.


De este mundo (cm, 2010), 400 Maletas (cm, 2014), Sin Señas Particulares (2020).


film director

“I come from the state of Guanajuato and there are lots of migrants from there who try to get into the United States. I came across a report about 13 boys who were abducted from a bus and it made me think about what a tragic fate befell those boys and hundreds like them in Mexico. So I started writing. We’ve been in a war against cartels for more than 12 years. This war involves all kinds of illegal business: people trafficking, sex trafficking, drug trafficking. The traffic of merchandise has the same route as the migrants.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR: Fernanda Valadez. SCREENPLAY: Astrid Rondero, Fernanda Valadez. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Claudia Becerril. FILM EDITING: Fernanda Valadez, Astrid Rondero, Susan Korda.MUSIC: Clarice Jensen. SOUND: Omar Juárez. CAST: Mercedes Hernández, David Illescas, Juan Jesús Varela. PRODUCTION: Corpulenta, Foprocine, Avanti Pictures, Enaguas Cine, Nephilim Producciones.

CONTACTS: Alpha Violet, Virginie Devesa virginie@alphaviolet.com