by Giovanni Sorrentino
Country: Italy
Year: 2020
Duration: 24

In South Italy, surrounding the Vesuvius, a railway runs as startled as its motherland. People moves about on concrete boarders, within iron couches, lined up one behind the other. They touch each other in a movement that blurs them into the landscape. They transform train stations in spaces where life is delayed, and the wait eats out the everyday. Every station takes the shape of its inhabitants so that everything is merging in a single human and natural environment.


film director

Giovanni Sorrentino

(Naples, Italy, 1985) graduated in audio and visual communication at the University of Salerno and has attended the Atelier of Cinema of Reale Filmap, in Naples. In 2014 he developed his first documentary Stay, that won the best documentary prize at Naples Film Festival and was selected at the Festival Cinemambiente. ‘Na cosa sola is his second self-produced documentary project and an attempt at telling the stories of his birthplace, where he has developed his cinematic vision.


Stay (cm, 2014), ’Na cosa sola (cm, 2020).


film director

“This film was conceived with the intention to represent the human and urban environment on the outskirts of the Neapolitan city, and to emphasize the livelihood held between excitement and expectations, that influences everyone, including me, since I was an adolescent. Abeyance, friendship, reverie are elements that construe the film and continuously echo in my mind as fertile points of confrontation and of revision of reality and its possible imageries. ‘Na Cosa Sola came out as a result of this constant research between the past and the present, through the story of the Neapolitan railway, embodied in the characters of this documentary.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR, FILM EDITING: Giovanni Sorrentino. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Salvatore Landi, Francesco Romano, Giovanni Sorrentino. SOUND: Giacomo Vitiello. MUSIC: Luigi Castiello.

CONTACTS: Giovanni Sorrentino giova.sorrentino@gmail.com