by Braden King
Country: USA
Year: 2020
Duration: 114'

Dove Creek, West Virginia, was once a flourishing American mining town. Now, this post-industrial community is in decline. Cole Freeman works as a nursing home aide looking after the elderly, but he can hardly make ends meet even by dealing in illegal painkillers on the side. Like many of his generation, he is looking for a way out, but opportunities are few in this rapidly changing landscape. Cole belongs to a generation who feel trapped by a toxic combination of existential fear, lack of opportunity and powerlessness.


film director

Braden King

is a filmmaker, visual artist and music video director. He graduated from the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of California. In 1998, he co-directed the documentary Dutch Harbor: Where the Sea Breaks Its Back with Laura Moya. He directed the documentary Homeland:The Story of the Lark (2010) about Laurie Anderson. Here (2011), his first feature film, was nominated for the Sutherland Trophy by the British Film Institute and the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance. He also created the installation Here [The Story Sleeps], which premiered at MoMA. He contributed to the 2014 documentary The Film That Buys the Cinema.


Bucket O'Suds (cm,1998), My Legendary Girlfriend (2000), Tortoise: Seneca (cm, 2001),Sparkle horse: Morning Hollow (cm, 2001), Bonnie 'Prince' Billy:Horses (cm, 2004), Looking for a Thrill: an Anthology of Inspiration (2005), Dirty Three with Chan Marshall: Great Waves (cm, 2005), Sonic Youth: Do You Believe in Rapture (cm, 2006), Sonic Youth: Reena (cm, 2006), Homeland: The Story of the Lark (2006) Here (2011), Glen Hansard: Winning Streak (cm, 2015), National Disintegrations (cm, 2017), The Evening Hour (2020).


film director

“I first read Carter Sickels’s novel in 2014 and my experience of going through the novel was almost one of it felt like following the breadcrumbs. […] It was almost like as I turned the pages, there were these little signals coming at me that were separate from the story, that felt like the book was saying, ‘this is the next thing you’re gonna do’. It was kind of a quiet process of following those breadcrumbs and at the same time, obviously being intrigued with the story and what I felt was a really complex and unique and surprising portrayal of a part of America that I didn’t really know that much about but was fascinated with.


& Credits

FILM DIRECTOR: Braden King. STORY:The Evening Hour Carter Sickels (2012). SCREENPLAY: Elizabeth Palmore. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Declan Quinn. FILM DITING: Andrew Hafitz, Joseph Krings. SET DESIGN: Debbie De Villa. MUSIC: Michael Krassner, Tim Rutili, Boxhead Ensemble. CAST: Philip Ettinger, Stacy Martin, Cosmo Jarvis, Michael Trotter, Kerry Bishé, Marc Menchaca, Ross Partridge. PRODUCTION: Secret Engine, Truckstop Media.

CONTACTS: Film Constellation, Chloe Tai chloe@filmconstellation.com