by Juan-Felipe Balcazar
Country: UK, Colombia
Year: 2019
Duration: 16'

The hermit Horace von Clunk finds a cowboy, Kyle Hellman, in the desert and, after discovering that he has been bitten by a rattlesnake, amputates his leg. Kyle decides to travel to the nearest town, but amidst the physical suffering and the difficulties of crossing the desert, he decides to kill himself. After tying a noose to a tree, the cowboy finds a wooden leg buried nearby and, not knowing that it belongs to another man, takes it for himself.


film director

Juan-Felipe Balcazar

(1987, Bogotá, Colombia) studied visual media and philosophy in Washington and worked in New York and in London. He then completed his master's degree in filmmaking at the London Film School, where he made several short films covering different roles. As director he made Races (2016), Red Night (2016) and The Third Degree (2017); Downbound Wayfarer (2019) is his last short film.


Races (cm, 2016), Red Night (cm, 2016), The Third Degree (cm, 2017), Downbound Wayfarer (cm, 2019).


film director

"What attracted me to the idea of adapting this ancient writing to the modern medium of cinema is its use of irony and what I perceive is the underlying humour that indicates the lack of control that man has over his own fate. It depicts a kind of cosmic joke at the expense of the individual that reflects my interests in black humour and how it deals at its core with a very serious subject matter, in this case, the issue of suicide."


& Credits

DIRECTOR: Juan Felipe Balcazar. SCREENPLAY: Juan Felipe Balcazar, based on an epigram by Ausonius. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Jean-Baptiste Le Mercier. FILM EDITING: Juan Felipe Balcazar. SET DESIGN: Julia Lopez-Melia. MUSIC: Jaime Bermudez. SOUND: Blai Escayola Bosch. CAST: Jason Matthewson, Joerg Stadler, Daniel M. Jacobs. PRODUCTION: London Film School.

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