by Philip Rizk
Country: Egypt
Year: 2020
Duration: 61

K. begins a journey to a Levant being colonized and then travels through time and place to anti-neocolonial struggles there set in conversation with others across the globe. She learns lessons on agroecology and self-governance, on sustainable energy, and about education outside of the framework of the nation-state. Inspired by the Syrian history prior to the creation of nation-states and following the government’s partial withdrawal from opposition areas, this compelling journey tells of experiments that act as a manual for the future generations.


film director

Philip Rizk

(Germany) is a filmmaker living between Cairo and Berlin. Together with Jasmina Metwaly, he directed the feature film Out on the Street (2015), which premiered at the Berlinale and was part of the German pavilion at the Venice Biennale later that year. Rizk is a member of the Mosireen video collective. His texts have appeared online, in journals and in collected volumes including 2011 is not 1968: a letter to an onlooker. Rizk was a resident of the DAAD program in Berlin in 2016-2017. He regularly teaches in classrooms and workshops.


This Palestinian Life (doc, 2009), Sturm: Ahmonseto (doc, cm, 2010), Sturm: Fayoum (doc, cm, 2010), Remarking January 2 (coregia Jasmina Metwaly, doc, 2012), Out on the Street (coregia Jasmina Metwaly, doc, 2015), Mapping Lessons (doc, 2020).


film director

“After the crushing of our revolution in Egypt in 2013, Mapping Lessons began as a daydream. This film is a visual conversation between political struggles across time and space, from anti-colonial battles against the French and British in the 1920s, to the Syrian revolution in 2011, 1936 Spain, a revisionist memory of Russian Soviets, and the Paris Commune amongst others. This film was my way of relating our current neocolonial condition with the past, a way of starting a conversation on how to prepare for the next fight.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR, PRODUCTION: Philip Rizk. CINEMATOGRAPHY: S. FILM EDITING: Philip Rizk, Mohamed Hassan Shawky. MUSIC: Nadah El Shazly. SOUND: Max Schneider. CAST: Farah Barqawi, Aylin çankaya, Walid, Saeed al-Wakeel, Matthieu Rey, M., Osama al-Hossein.

CONTACTS: Yvonne Meen yvonne.on.trials@gmail.com