Country: Japan
Year: 2020
Duration: 14'

In the morning, Hibari wakes up as if someone was next to her and finds the skin of a snake in the garden. It’s been six months since her son Tatsumi died in a traffic accident. Her husband, Seiji, is kind but they can’t seem to fill the void the death of their son created between them. Hibari goes out to visit the site of her son’s accident and takes his umbrella, which he hardly used, with her. While she is out, she meets a man who is soaking wet in the rain, out in front of a tobacco shop. When Hibari lends him Tatsumi's umbrella, the memory of Tatsumi is transferred to the man in a vision of sorts.


film director

Haruna Tanaka

(Japan) started her career as a clerk after graduate university. In 2016 she completed a course of New Cinema Work-shop Creator, starting working as an independent producer. Life Like (2016) is her directional debut, followed by Slough, produced as a director, scriptwriting, and editor.


Ikiutsushi (Life Like, 2016), Nukegara (Slough, cm, 2020).


film director

“I made the previous work with the image of an aesthetic novel, so this time I wanted to make a work like a daydream, like prose. The characters looked at the world with their own subjectivity and tried a method to describe the world as it was. Each world exists little by little without meshing. A strange man and the world overlap a little with a yellow umbrella.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR, SCREENPLAY, FILM EDITING, PRODUCTION: Haruka Tanaka. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Sho Okada. MUSIC: Reach Minoji. SOUND: Wataru Iwase. CAST: Yo Hasegawa, Ippei Tanaka, Keigo Oka, Soichiro Nakajima.

CONTACTS: Haruna Tanaka