by Ryan Kruger
Country: South Africa
Year: 2020
Duration: 99'

After the latest bender, on his way home in the middle of the night, Barry, a drug-addicted father and husband, is kidnapped by an alien spacecraft. An alien, after a series of procedures, takes possession of his body and begins wandering the desolate streets of Cape Town, learning about the weird and fascinating habits of humans. Following the pattern of a lysergic road movie, Barry gets involved in activities never tried before, such as smoking meth or going to a rave, in what can be called a cocktail of sex and violence. However, the alien could not imagine the physical limits of the human body.


film director

Ryan Kruger

(Liverpool, UK) lives in Cape Town (South Africa) where he works as an actor and director. Since the age of fouteen he has made several short films and music videos, characterized by a personal visual style and character-driven stories. His videos have been awarded at the South African Music Award and at the MTV award. In 2017 Ryan Kruger made the short film entitled Fried Barry, from which he later developed Fried Barry (2020), his first feature film.


Wit Wolf (cm, 2009), Taxi Violence: The Turn (cm, 2010), Taxi Violence: Heads or Tails (cm, 2011), The Parlotones: Should We Fight Back (cm, 2011), Electric Corvette: Die Naweek Sal Brand (cm, Video 2012), Crow Black Sky: Stars of God (cm, 2012), LCNVL: Dreamcatcher (cm, 2013), Michael Lowman: Girl Saves Boy (cm, 2013), Pascal and Pearce: Fire Within (cm, 2013), GoodLuck: Trickery (cm, video, 2013), The Time Travelers (cm, 2013), Ross Jack: TV's in the Swimming Pool (cm, 2013), Prime Circle: Time Kills Us All (cm, 2013), Arno Carstens: Battlescars Galactica (cm, 2013), Jack Parow and PHFat: Spring Moederfokker (cm, 2013), The Golden Rule (cm, 2014), Prime Circle: Doors (cm, 2014), PHFAT Ft JungFreud: Lights Out (cm, 2014), The SA Way (cm, 2014), Monark: Something (cm, 2014), iFani: iingoma Ezimnandi (cm, 2014), ISO: Never Going Back (cm, 2014), Monark: Hush (cm, video, 2015), Jodi Cash: Sexy Motherfucker (cm, 2016), Ross Jack: Fall (cm, 2016), My Sight for Sore Eyes (cm, 2016), Fried Barry (cm, 72017), The Man Who Beat the Man (cm, 2018), Swither (cm, 2018), Fried Barry (2020).


& Credits

DIRECTOR: Ryan Kruger. SCREENPLAY: Ryan Kruger. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Gareth Place. FILM EDITING: Stephen Du Plessis. SET DESIGN: Monica Rosie. MUSIC: Haezer. CAST: Gary Green, Chanelle De Jager, Bia Hartenstein, Sean Cameron Michael, Johnny Pienaar, Hakeem Kae-Kazim, Steve Wall, Deon Lotz, Tuks Tad Lungu, Joe Vaz, Grant Swanby, Joey Cramer. PRODUCTION: The Department of Special Projects.

CONTATTI: Rocket Salt Releasing, Daisy Hamilton Daisyhamilton@rocksaltreleasing.com