by Tamara Drakulić
Country: Serbia
Year: 2020
Duration: 80

Abandoning himself to his personal world of legends, daring encounters, and reflections on the reality that surrounds him, Beto shows spectators a fascinating place: the unknown. A Mexican village relates with Shakespeare; a number of local legends relate with romantic tragedies; contemporary life relates with past history. In the same manner, love remains a fundamental concept and self-care proves to be inextricably tied to the care of others. After Ocean (2014) and Wind (2016), Tamara Drakulić brings a documentary with a magical and anthropological flair to the Torino Film Festival.


film director

Tamara Drakulić

(Serbia) studied at Academy of fine arts in Belgrade and attended a master's degree in visual anthropology at faculty of philosophy in Belgrade; she is currently attending a PhD in visual anthropology. Her debut in direction was in 2012 with Swing; later she directed Ocean (2014), presented at the 32nd Torino Film Festival in Wave Selection, and then Wind (2016), in the International Feature Competition al the 34th Torino Film Festival. In Praise of Love (2020) is her latest documentary. She was the author, music editor, and the voice behind independent radio show Ljuljaska, at Novi Radio Beograd.


Swing (doc, 2012), Okean (Ocean, doc, 2014), Vetar (Wind, 2016), U slavu ljubavi (In Praise of Love, doc, 2020).


film director

In Praise of Love is a film conceived while working on my master research in visual anthropology. In my directors approach I tried to integrate the strength and horoughness of anthropological way of accessing the subject, with different qualities that are inherent to approach in artistic documentary. I have chosen observation and participation, in the form of Shakespeare's romantic tragedy, as a method for learning about and learning from the little village in Mexican desert. In the dialectics of the two I have tried to find traces that would bring me closer to ascertainment of a concept of love that is considered as one of the most important aspects of human existence.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR: Tamara Drakulić. SCREENPLAY: Tamara Drakulić. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Igor Đorđević. FILM EDITING: Tamara Drakulić. SOUND: Jose Miguel Enriquez. CAST: Alberto Esparza Martinez, Johana Berenice Ramirez Diaz. PRODUCTION: Monkey Production.

CONTACTS: Jelena Angelovski lenka.angelovski@gmail.com