1974 1979. OUR WOUNDS
by Monica Repetto
Country: Italy
Year: 2020
Duration: 58'

A collection of stories of people who survived the political violence and terrorism of the 1970s. In Rome, the two students Luigi and Francesco in the winter of 1974 they were both wounded by the neo-fascists. In 1979 the feminists Nunni and Anna are hit by Nar. Vincenzo is a policeman who escaped a fire fight with the Brigate rosse in Piazza Nicosia, in Rome. Renzo is a banker hit in Turin in an attack by Prima linea. With Super8 movies and unpublished testimonies, Monica Repetto tells the extraordinary "normality" of ordinary people in the years of lead: men and women entangled in history.<p><iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/utYGJSeT7CA" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe></p>


film director

Monica Repetto

(Rome, Italy, 1965), a graduate in psychology, in the early 1990s started working as a movie critic before entering the world of cinema. In 2011, she created and curated the launch of On The Docks, the first Italian platform for on-demand videos dedicated to reality cinema. An essayist and the author of works about film, she is one of the tutors of the Premio Zavattini. A prolific director, she has collaborated with Pietro Balla on the making of numerous documentaries, including ThyssenKrupp Blues (2008), which was presented at the Venice Film Festival.


Camerini ardenti. Primo tempo, dossier incompiuto su pornostar (senza sesso) (coregia Pietro Balla, doc, 1996), Amateurs (coregia Pietro Balla, cm, 1999), Amateurs 2 (coregia Pietro Balla, cm, 2000), Figurine (serie TV, doc, 2000), Umanoidi associati (coregia Pietro Balla, doc, 2000), Panico Jodorowsky (coregia Pietro Balla, doc, 2000), Dèrive Gallizio (doc, mm, 2001), Honduras Trip (doc, 2003), I popoli dell’Honduras (doc, 2004), L’avventurosa storia di Gola Profonda in Italia (doc, mm, 2005), La vera storia di Marianne Golz (coregia Pietro Balladoc, mm, 2007), Scatti di nera (coregia Pietro Balla, serie TV, 2007), Operai (co-diretto Pietro Balla, doc, mm, 2008), ThyssenKrupp Blues (coregia Pietro Balla, doc, 2008), Robocup (doc, 2009), La forza delle idee (coregia Pietro Balla, doc, 2010), Falck. Romanzo di uomini e fabbrica (coregia Pietro Balla, doc, mm, 2010), Milo Manara. Il gioco dell’avventura (doc, 2011), I racconti della Luna Veja (doc, 2012), 'O Rugbill (doc, cm, 2016), La foresta che ti strega (doc, 2018), I ragazi selvatici (doc, 2018), Il corpo dell'amore (coregia Pietro Balla, serie doc, 2019), Il guardiano di stambecchi (doc, 2020), 1974 1979. Le nostre idee (doc, 2020).


film director

“I am very familiar with the treacle of moderation and middle courses which enmesh revolutionary gestures. I am not an ex of 1977. When I was twelve, I lived in an isolated, barren countryside that was being buried in cement warehouses. I am a walking contradiction. I say no to class culture but I am its offspring. From this uncomfortable position, I looked at the 1970s, a hinge decade for the capitalistic West, the end of the post-war cycle of expansion, dominated by strong social conflict and an unshakable power of imagination.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR: Monica Repetto. SCREENPLAY: Monica Repetto. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Antonio Demma, Walter Balducci, Simone Rivoire, Silvana Costa, Federico Schiavi. FILM EDITING: Cristina Flamini, Beppe Leonetti. SOUND: Federico Tummolo. CAST: Francesco De Ficchy, Renzo Poser, Annunziata Miolli, Anna Attura, Vincenzo Ammirata, Luigi Schepisi. PRODUCTION: Deriva Film.

CONTACTS: Monica Repetto info@derivafilm.it