by Alessandro Grande
Country: Italy
Year: 2020
Duration: 82'

Regina, a 15-year-old girl who lost her mother years earlier, dreams of becoming a singer. Her father, Luigi, her only family at that point, firmly believes in his daughter's talent and supports her unceasingly. After all, Luigi had given up his own musical career to be near his daughter. Their relationship seems rock-solid, indissoluble, until one day an unexpected event changes their lives.


film director

Alessandro Grande

(Catanzaro, Italy, 1983), a degree in performance science and techniques from the university of Tor Vergata, is a director, set designer, and professor of film. After his first works, he gained a certain amount of fame in the short film circuit with In My Prison (2010): the movie, which won the Amnesty International Award, was presented and awarded at many film festivals throughout the world. His next movies, Margherita (2013) and Bismillah (2018) obtained a certain visibility and this latter movie won a David di Donatello for best short film. Regina is his first feature film.


Torno subito (cm, 2007), Io. Indifesi (cm, 2009), In My Prison (cm, 2010), Margherita (cm, 2013), Bismillah (cm, 2018), Regina (2020).


film director

My departure point was the essay by Massimo Recalcati, Il complesso di Telemaco, in which the author deals with the absence and disappearance of the father figure. In fact, Telemachus waits for his father in order to re-establish at home what Recalcati calls “the law of the word,” the ability carry out an educational function with regard to one's children. A mature father who is willing to listen is a fundamental need for the generations of children of every era. From the moment I started writing it, I felt it was an opportunity to make a sincere and universal movie which could go straight to the spectator's heart as it recounts a story suspended between genre film and Bildungsroman, set in an unusual and personal Calabria.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR: Alessandro Grande. SCREENPLAY: Alessandro Grande, Mariano Di Nardo. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Francesco Di Pierro. FILM EDITING: Annalisa Forgione. SET DESIGN: Luca Servino. MUSIC: Bruno Falanga. CAST: Francesco Montanari, Ginevra Francesconi, Barbara Giordano, Max Mazzotta. PRODUCTION: Bianca Film, Rai Cinema, Asmara Films. DISTRIBUTION: Adler Entertainment. 

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