by Luís Costa
Country: Portugal
Year: 2020
Duration: 15'

In a fantasy kingdom made of stone, a boy lives in a vortex of death and abandonment. Every day, he wanders through the streets of his village and when he returns home in the evening, all he finds is the silence of adults. Only the sound and the warmth of fire can ease his pain. The boy has nobody but he only cries when he finds himself back out on the street again, alone and without a direction.


film director

Luís Costa

(Porto, Portugal, 1993) in 2014 received his degree in sound and photography from the School of Arts of the Catholic University of Portugal. He has worked on various audiovisual projects in the academic field and has directed two shorts, the documentary Fontelonga (2013) and O Homem Eterno (2017), both of which were presented at the festival Curtas di Vila do Conde, as was the musical video of Mt Orchid, which he shot in Super8 together with Miguel da Santa, Bearbug (2017). He is the co-founder and director of the project Pinehouse Concerts.


Fontelonga (doc, cm, 2013), O Homem Eterno (cm, 2017), Bearbug (coregia Miguel da Santa, videoclip, 2017), O Nosso Reino (Our Kigdom, cm, 2020).


film director

“Creating a film from a previous work always presupposes a natural challenge in managing the reference and its removal. Although it does not formally follow the narrative structure of Valter Hugo Mãe's book, O Nosso Reino tries to compose a kind of visual poem that carries the weight of the literary work, working the idea of ​​a time and space suspended through the characters and the universe that surrounds.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR, SCRIPT: Luís Costa. STORY: from the novel O Nosso Reino by Valter Hugo Mãe. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Miguel da Santa, Tiago Carvalho. FILM EDITING: André Guiomar, Ricardo Freitas. MUSIC: João Pedro Silva, Rolando Babo. SOUND: Pedro Marinho. CAST: Afonso Lobo, António Júlio Duarte. PRODUCTION: Bando à Parte.

CONTACTS: Agência - Portuguese Short Film Agency, Emanuel Oliveira emanuel@curtas.pt