by Annamaria Macripò
Country: Italy
Year: 2019
Duration: 50

The pages of a twenty-year long diary bring to the fore memories, recollections, dreams and sensations of a long period linked to the illness and later to the death of the director's mother. As in an uninterrupted dialogue, images, sounds, photographs, linked to the present by the voice-over, narrate the personal story of the relationship between mother and daughter through small "time capsules" rife with memories. At the same time, a second narrating voice reads the words of Roland Barthes in Journal de Deuil left as a testimony of his own mourning.


film director

Annamaria Macripò

(Massafra, Italy, 1970) studied translation at the Higher School of Modern Languages for Interpreters and Translators in Trieste and then attended a master's degree in translation for cinema and television at the University of Forlì. Translator by profession and director by passion, she has made short films, video clips and documentaries. She has collaborated with the Fogazzaro High School in Vicenza to make two films on social and civil themes: Visioni dell'amore nel XXI secolo (2015) and Spirali (2017). Da lontano, più forte (2019), a diary-like documentary focusing on working through bereavement following the loss of her mother, is her latest film.


Anche i postini scrivono lettere d’amore (cm, 2001), Diario di bordo di una gita a Marostica (cm, 2004), Good Luck Vicenza (doc, 2008), Dolly’s Trip (cm, 2012), Visioni dell’amore nel XXI secolo (doc, 2015), Da lontano, più forte (doc, mm, 2019).


film director

“In psychoanalysis we often speak of ‘overcoming bereavement,’ but here I think it is something different: not overcoming, which would imply ‘going beyond,’ but narrated acceptance, willingness to share a surely negative experience, given the illness and then the death of a loved one, but dotted with invaluable things that in everyday life allow us to feel someone who is physically absent. Not as a memory, but as a vital presence within our surroundings; as a constant reference.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR, SCREENPLAY, FILM EDITING: Annamaria Macripò. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Pablo Montes, Annamaria Macripò. MUSIC: Nova sui Prati Notturni. SOUND: Francesco Fabiano. CAST: voce over Martina Pittarello and Marco Artusi. PRODUCTION: Mac Bros & Sun Production.

CONTACTS: Annamaria Macripò atmacripo@gmail.com