by Dogus Ozokutan
Country: Cyprus
Year: 2020
Duration: 11'

Yusuf takes on the job of transporting refugees in his refrigerated meat truck, believing this is the only way he can find money to save his daughter's life. When the refugees are brought to him, he realizes that some are children who may not survive the cold of the truck, but he still keeps on with the job, gambling with their lives.


film director

Doğuş Özokutan

(Turkey, 1984) received her MFA degree in Visual Arts. He directed with Vasvi Ciftcioglu the shorts Random Attempts (2015), which competed in 41 festivals worldwide, and won three awards, and Kısmet (2018), which screened in 39 countries and nominated for audience awards, including at the BAFTA Qualifying Leeds International Film Festival. Her animated short documentary, The Shepherd, completed early in 2020, won the Remi Award at Worldfest Houston.


Random Attempts (coregia Vasvi Ciftcioglu, cm, 2015), Kismet (coregia Vasvi Ciftcioglu, cm, 2018), The Shepherd (doc, anim., cm, 2020), Teslimat (The Delivery, cm, 2020).


film director

“The tragedy that refugees face is impossible to be insensitive of. Witnessing a new tragedy happening in Mediterranean almost every other week, I had the urge to make a film about the issue. Doing a little research, I found victims of trafficking living in my area and listened to their stories. Even though it may have been more dramatic, it didn't feel right to tell this story from a refugee’s point of view. I hope one day Syrian directors will find to chance the tell their own stories…”


& Credits

DIRECTOR: Doğuş Özokutan. SCREENPLAY: Doğuş Özokutan. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Pieter Verburg. FILM EDITING: Doğuş Özokutan. MUSIC: İnal Bilsel. SOUND: Frank van Bracht. CAST: İzel Seylani, Affet Sakallı, Hulusi Özoğul, Hulusi Özoğul, Neşet Haydaroğulları, Arda Sakallızade, Laura Albasha, Murat Vaiz.

CONTACTS: Dogus Ozokutan dogusozokutan@gmail.com