by Cathy Brady
Country: UK, Italy, Ireland
Year: 2020
Duration: 85'

Lauren and Kelly are inseparable sisters who grew up in a small town in Ireland. Their lives go different ways after their mother dies and Lauren is left alone to face their family's dark and traumatic past. One day, after having disappeared for over one year, Kelly suddenly returns home and after the initial tension, the two women regain the equilibrium that had perforce been lost. Closer than ever, Lauren and Kelly want to clear up their family's secrets: nevertheless, their investigation isn't well received in town, where spiteful talk scuttles the truth and those who are searching for it.


film director

Cathy Brady

(Newry, UK) graduated from the National Film and Television School (NFTS), England; with her first two short films, Small Change (2010) and Morning (2012), she won two IFTAs. Cathy Brady has made episodes for several TV series that have won important awards and, in 2016, she directed Can't Cope, Won't Cope, the Stefanie Preissner's series. Selected in 2017 in the BAFTA Elevate programme, Wildfire is her first feature film.


Small Change (cm, 2010), Coming Up (serie tv, 2011), Morning (cm, 2012), Kiss (cm, 2012), Wasted (cm, 2013), Glue (serie tv, 2014), Can't Cope, Won't Cope (serie tv, 2016), Wildfire (2020).


film director

“My hope is that the audiences can understand and identify with characters who have been driven to extreme behaviour and realise how fragile our perception of reality can be. These characters are bigger than their story and they have the power to open the minds and hearts of the audience and deal with the complexities around mental health issues. The sisters are not merely seen as 'diagnoses' of their illnesses, but instead as complex individuals. I hope audiences engage and question their own ideas about sanity and madness and can open up a dialogue about our attitudes towards mental health and vulnerable individuals.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR,SCREENPLAY: Cathy Brady. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Crystel Fournier. FILM EDITING: Matteo Bini. MUSIC: Gareth Averill, Matthew James Kelly. SOUND: Nikola Medic. CAST: Nika McGuigan, Nora-Jane Noone, Martin McCann, Kate Dickie. PRODUCTION:Tempesta Film UK, coproduction Cowboy Films, Samson Films. CONTACTS: Film Constellation, Chloe Tai chloe@filmconstellation.com