by Alberto Momo
Country: Italy
Year: 2020
Duration: 69'

What happens when a school has to close because of a health emergency? The scholastic community finds itself modifying its activities and routines, reconfiguring its very roles, and often reacting where other institutions cannot. This is the story of what happened in a number of schools in Turin: it collects the testimony and materials of students and teachers during the institutes' lockdown. It is both a chronicle, testimony, and verification of the topics highlighted by the emergency. A choral story, the story of a type of school that wanted to be closer to its end users so that no one would feel excluded. It is also a reflection on what schools might become, in a future that has never been so close.


film director

Alberto Momo

Alberto Momo (Turin, 1972), filmmaker and director of architectural documentaries, has presented his films at the major international festivals, including Venice, Locarno, Rotterdam, and Montreal. He and Donatello Fumarola founded the production company Zomia and published the book of conversations Atlante sentimentale del cinema. He has collaborated with Rai 3 and Rai 4, and curated the film section of the 2014 Architectural Biennale, with a large installation at the Arsenale. His film Eliorama won best Italian documentary at the 2006 Torino Film Festival.


Todos os dias (cm, 1995), L’amorosa traccia (cm, 1997), Un’aria scura (cm, 2000), Il paese delle rane (cm, 2001), Liquido Atlante (cm, 2002), Ponti sospesi (cm, 2003), Fiaba nera (2005), Eliorama (coregia/codirector Maicol Casale, doc., 2006), Cut people/Amir Naderi (coregia/codirector Donatello Fumarola, doc., 2007), Ombre di Tosca (cm, 2008), Un canto lontano (doc., 2008), Playtime (coregia/codirectors Maicol Casale, Federico Ercole, ep., tv, 2010), Game Over (coregia/codirector Federico Ercole, cm, 2011), Un’architettura in movimento (doc., 2012), Casa Cattaneo a Cernobbio (cm, 2012), Bormida (doc., 2018), La scuola prossima (doc, 2020).


film director

“Videos, smartphone home movies, video conferences. The movie weaves together various materials, drawing near to their nature, in the hope and expectation of revealing their life. It shows different ways of communicating, portraying an environment, a particular emotional state of the present days. To me, it is a collective song, a choir, a gesture of love and attention toward schools and those who experience them.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR, CINEMATOGRAPHY, FILM EDITING, PRODUCER: Alberto Momo. STORY, SCREENPLAY: Alberto Momo, Elisabetta De Martino. MUSIC: Diego Dioguardi, Fabian Nino Alfonso, Alberto Danzi. CAST: Mira Carello, Elena Cappai, Paola Damiani, Enrico Gallotto, Paola Marongiu, Noemi Guevara Vilcamango, Maria Grazia Di Clemente, Tommaso e Caterina Momo, Linda Martis, Giulietta Debernardi, Anna Di Stefano, Antonella Nezzo, Chiara Saraceno, Nora Trinchero. PRODUCTION: Zomia.

CONTACTS: Zomia diffusione@zomia.it