by Rodrigo Sorogoyen
Country: Spain
Year: 2020
Duration: 100'

Six riot police people execute an eviction in the centre of Madrid that gets complicated and ends up with a death. An Internal Affairs team will be in charge of investigating the facts and the six riot police people will face a manslaughter change. The group of agents will look for a way out on their own that ends up separating them and further complicating the situation. Laia, one of the Internal Affairs agents, becomes so obsessed with the case that she will discover that after the ill-fated eviction there is much more. First two episodes of the Spanish tv series Antidisturbios (Riot Police), celebrate critical and audience success.


film director

Rodrigo Sorogoyen

(Madrid, Spain, 1981) studied film at the School of Cinematography and Audiovisual of the Community of Madrid and started his career as a screenwriter for TV series. In 2008 he directed with Peris Romano 8 Dates, his first feature. His next film, Stockholm (2013), directed with Borja Soler, won awards at the Malaga Festival, at the Círculo de escritores cinematográficos, and then one Feroz Award and one Goya. With May God Save Us (2016) he won the Jury Prize for Best Screenplay in San Sebastián and the Goya for Best Actor. With The Reign (2018) he won the Goya as best director and best original screenplay, and then partecipated at the Torino Film Festival. In 2019 he participated in the Venice Film Festival with Mother (2019), long version of a short film of the same name from 2017, nominated for an Academy Award.


8 citas (coregia Peris Romano, 2008), Impares (serie tv, 43 ep., 2008-2010), Impares premium (serie tv, 10 ep., 2010-2011), Vida loca (serie tv, 6 ep., 2011), La pecera de Eva (serie tv, 221 ep., 2010-2011), Stockholm (coregia Borja Soler, 2013), Frágiles (serie tv, 13 ep., 2012-2013), El iluso (cm, 2014), Rabia (serie tv, 1 ep., 2015), Que Dios nos perdone (Che Dio ci perdoni, 2016), Madre (cm, 2017), El reino (Il regno, 2018), Madre (2019), Antidisturbos (serie tv, 2020).


film director

“The story is what defines us as a society, and we have the responsibility to continue telling stories. But, above all, we have the burden to remind others that these stories serve for something more than mere entertainment, that they serve to reflect, to show other points of view, other worlds, other people, to make us feel, laugh or cry, be afraid and get excited. Those are the stories that are worthwhile, that make us better people. Getting there is another story, but first you have to try it.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR: Rodrigo Sorogoyen. SCREENPLAY: Rodrigo Sorogoyen, Isabel Peña, Eduardo Villanueva. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Alejandro de Pablo, Diego Cabezas. FILM EDITING: Alberto del Campo, Miguel Doblado, Pedro Collantes. SET DESIGN: Miguel Ángel Rebollo. MUSIC: Olivier Arson. SOUND: Aitor Berenguer. CAST: Vicky Luengo, Raúl Arévalo, Álex García, Hovik Keuchkerian, Roberto Álamo, Raúl Prieto, Patrick Criado, Tomas Del Estal, David Lorente, Monica Lopez, Nico Romero, Alfonso Bassave, Chema Tena, Marta Poveda, Iria Del Rio. PRODUCTION: Caballo Films, The Lab Cinema.

CONTACTS: Moviestar+, Nicolas Guillaume Lecocq nicolas.lecocq@telefonica.com