by Antonella Rucci
Country: Italy
Year: 2020
Duration: 58'

Two episodes of the Rai telecast Blob: Lou and Us (2014) e Memorandum (2016), edited by Antonella Rucci, who passed away in 2020.Lou Reed narrates Lou Reed's relationship with Italy through interviews, concerts and films. Welcomed with stones and Molotov cocktails in 1975, then loved unconditionally, Lou Reed performed in Italy dozens of times, giving unsettling and often monosyllabic interviews. Rai's cameras have documented a relationship with our country and its changes: from angry adoration in the early 1980s, to the discovery of the complex singer, firmly rooted in American avant-garde art. A few months after Lou Reed's death, Antonella made this monographic episode, the product of her love for music and her research in the Rai archive.Memorandum is a special on the proposition that have written the history of our civil rights, the one on divorce (1974) and the one on abortion (1981). Through the testimonies of ordinary people, statements by politicians, commercials inviting people to vote yes or no and, above all, excerpts from the TV, the aim has been to render the spirit of an era and place these important events in the cultural context in which they were experienced.


film director

Antonella Rucci

Antonella Rucci was born in Rome in 1961. In 1987, she began to work with Rai, at first in the DSE (School Education Department) and on the TV shows Magazine 3 and Letti Gemelli starring Gloria De Antoni and Oreste De Fornari. She worked at Mondadori, creating and making home videos about Walter Chiari, Daniele Luttazzi, Gino Bramieri, Claudio Bisio, Aldo Fabrizi, Ugo Tognazzi, Gino Bramieri, and Anna Marchesini. Starting in 1995, she began to collaborate as a writer on the renowned TV program Blob, which has been on the air for 25 years. She made hundreds of daily episodes and many special episodes for the program, primarily monographs on political figures and portraits of musicians. Her political works include monographs on Umberto Bossi, Massimo D'Alema, and Barack Obama. Musical episodes include portraits of Lou Reed, Ivan Graziani, the Rolling Stones, Area, and the Italian new wave of the 1980s. Antonella passed away prematurely in January 2020, at 59 years of age. Antonella would set out her work on big sheets of paper. There was truly everything and more on them: colored notes, complex schema, circles and arrows summarizing ideas and connections for the broadcasts. The goal was to pinpoint the best possible choice and she pursued this goal in every edited piece, every episode. Even though it had been many years since her first live evening broadcast of Blob, there was always an analysis to carefully conduct, to see whether a solution was constructive, a break was pertinent, a message was clear and proposable. Her indecision was ethical in nature, the kind that creative people often have when they follow their own passions and have so many possible alternatives in mind that an option becomes plausible only after many others have been discarded. We want to remember her this way, a tireless professional who always loved and sought her work, a communications artisan, an eternally young person who, throughout all these years, continued to let herself be amazed by the light of the screen that illuminated her face.


& Credits

EDITED BY: Antonella Rucci. 

CONTACTS: Elena Vecchia elena.vecchia@rai.it