by Luigi Barletta
Country: Italy
Year: 2020
Duration: 51'

The world of adolescence recounted through fragments of a school's theatrical laboratory, using footage shot by the young protagonists themselves. Scenes of everyday life compose a variegated and sincere picture, in which the young people recount themselves in the first person, without filters or masks. A movie that doesn't talk about young people but, on the contrary, makes them do the talking.

This film was made as part of the National Cinema Plan for Schools – MIUR MiBAC – A4 Activities – Uncommon views – Projects by and for schools. Project: Luoghi di visioni - Dietro la maschera.


film director

Luigi Barletta

(Naples, Italy, 1982), screenwriter and director, he teaches film at the Academy of Fine Arts and at the Suor Orsola Benincasa University in Naples. In 2001, he won the Massimo Troisi Award with his short film Andrea and in 2007 he directed Il favoloso mondo del cinema di G - Il cinema di Ugo Gregoretti, which received a special mention at Napolifilmfestival. In 2009, he and Elise Florenty directed Gennariello, due volte and two years later he participated in the collective film Il pranzo di Natale, coordinated by Antonietta De Lillo. In 2014, he made the documentary Sab Kuch Milega - Una storia con il sud and in 2017 he coordinated the project Ancient Freedom di Nicca Iovinella, a video art short made in collaboration with the MANN museum in Naples. After the documentary Cinema Mater Dei (2018), in 2019 he directed the mockumentary Il Toro del Pallonetto, presented at the Biografilm Festival.


Andrea (cm, 2001), Il favoloso mondo del cinema di G - Il cinema di Ugo Gregoretti (doc., 2007), Gennariello, due volte (coregia Elise Florenty, 2009), Il pranzo di Natale (regia Antonietta De Lillo, ep, 2011), Sab Kuch Milega - Una storia con il sud (doc, 2014), Ancient Freedom di Nicca Iovinella (cm, serie, 2017), Cinema Mater Dei (doc, 2018), Il toro del Pallonetto (2019), Scene da un laboratorio (doc, mm, 2020).


film director

“The film came about as an attempt to let adolescents do the talking, not only within the narration but as true protagonists. We followed a group of students during a theatrical laboratory at a high school in Naples. After learning the rudiments of the audiovisual language, the young people were asked to use their smartphones to make short videos about their daily life. The idea was to convince them to show their life without filters or prejudices; to make them reflect on the perception of images and autobiographical stories. Individual interviews were also conducted during the project, revealing the deepest passions, fears, and dreams of each protagonist. What emerges is an intense and authentic cross-section of life that shows the adolescents through their own gaze.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR: Luigi Barletta. FILM EDITING: Andrea Nobili. MUSIC: Antonio Stefanelli, Francesco Basile. SOUND: Daniele Spigola. CAST: Fabio Pacelli, Paolo Serra, Rosa Amato, Sabrina Amato, Ciro Artimisio, Sara Aurilia, Sirya Calemma, Gabriele Carlo D'Aquino, Francesco D'Isa, Giovanni De Rosa, Assunta Maria Di Mauro, Marina Di Rosa, Milena Esposito, Giuliano Magliulo, Irene Morra, Antonio Pantaleo, Artem Prykhodko, Oleksandra Prykhodko, Angelo Puggillo, Alessia Saponaro, Marianna Savarese, Ilaria Toscano, Maria Velotti. PRODUCER: Chiara Cimini.

CONTACTS: Luigi Barletta luigi.barletta@hotmail.it