by Ivy Ho
Country: China
Year: 2009
Duration: 100'

It’s Friday evening; five coworkers leave the office and return home together. As always, they get a ride from their boss, Tom, a man with solid professional standing, a wife and children. One after another, the colleagues are dropped off at their homes. In the end, only Pearl, the newest office employee, is left in the car with Tom, with whom is born an ambiguos relationship. There is an embarrassing silence in the car until the man asks her to find a new job, hiding behind his desire to protect his marriage and his career.

“The cage door opens. You’re ushered in. All eyes are on you now, the newcomer. […] Like it or not, these people are family now – you’ll spend more time with them than your real family. Soon enough, you’ll learn whom to like, loathe or ignore. You’ll be dragged into alliances, gossips, politics and, last but not least, romance. Such is the unseen prelude to my film. I named it Claustrophobia for no other reason than the fact that both love and the workplace can give rise to this infliction. What’s more, we make ourselves fall in love, occasionally.”


film director

Ivy Ho

Ivy Ho (Hong Kong, China, 1958) started writing screenplays for television when she was nineteen years old while carrying on with her career in public relations and advertising. Her career breakthrough came in 1996 with the success, in both commercial and critical terms, of Comrades, Almost a Love Story directed by Peter Chan, that won the Best Screenplay Award at Hong Kong Films Awards. Ivy Ho continued to write a lot of award-winning titles, including Ann Hui’s July Rhapsody (2002) and Benny Chan’s Divergence, (2005). Claustrophobia is her first feature film as director.


Chan Mat (Claustrophobia, 2008).


& Credits

regia, sceneggiatura/director, screenplay
Ivy Ho
Yee Chung Man
montaggio/film editing
Kong Chi Leung
scenografia/production design
Yee Chung Man
costumi/costume design
Yee Chung Man, Jessie Dai
Anthony Chue
interpreti e personaggi/cast and characters
Karena Lam (Pearl), Ekin Cheng (Tom), Felix Lok (Karl), Derek Tsang (John), Chucky Woo (Jewel), Eric Tsang (il dottor/Dr Chiu)
Cary Cheng, Yee Chung Man
vendita all’estero/world sales
Edko Films Limited