by Federica Di Giacomo
Country: Italy
Duration: 90'

For over twenty years, no new social housing has been assigned in Bari
and three thousand families are on the waiting list. At their wit’s end
because of this situation, some people become squatters in houses that
have been left empty, even if only for a few hours, by their owners, who
are mainly single and elderly people. They count on the fact that their
statutory rights as large families will make the authorities reluctant to
forcibly remove them. The owners no longer dare to leave their homes,
thinking up strategies to avoid losing their property.

“Living for a home, and yet not living in a home. The characters in our
story revolve around this painful, paradoxical mantra. With the outer
shell created by this first obsession peeled away, the film seeks the limits
of an intimacy, the silent drifting of enforced solitude, as it discovers
resources of imagination which are tragicomic and worrying.
Maintaining a distance from outright social commentary, the film’s
sights remain fixed upon the seemingly insignificant revelations of
vulnerability in which everyone can recognise himself; leaving us to
guess at the many other needs which are obscured by the aspiration
to a fixed home.”


film director

Federica Di Giacomo

Federica Di Giacomo (La Spezia, Italy) graduated from the University of Florence in anthropology. For some years she worked for dance theatre, founding the collettivo teatrale Tutti. In 1999, she earned a European MA degree in creation documentaries at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, where she worked on the screenplay of Monos como Becky by Joaquín Jordá (1999) and in En construccion by Louis José Guerin (2001). In 2000 she realized the documentary Los colores de la trance, Marrakesh distribuited by BTV. Since 2001 she has been creating documentaries for Raisat Cinema and other broadcasters. She directed two short movies Close Up (2001) and Suicidio perfetto (2003). In 2006 she made Il lato grottesco della vita, that was awarded at Torino Film Festival with the Cipputi and with the Avanti! Awards, and as Best Documentary at Etno Film Festival 2007. 


filmografia essenziale/
essential filmography
Los colores de la trance, Marrakesh
(doc., 2000), Close Up (cm, 2001),
Suicidio perfetto (cm, 2003), Il lato
grottesco della vita
(doc., 2006),
Housing (doc., 2009).


& Credits

Federica Di Giacomo
Federica Di Giacomo,
Antonella Gaeta
Clarissa Cappellani
montaggio/film editing
Jacopo Quadri
Michele Tota
Antonia Capriati Delcore,
Giuseppe Melis, Mary,
Nino Buono,
Irene Cappiello, NicoDio,
Clara Gaeta,
Maria Nicola Napoletano,
Laura Manzari,
Pasqua De Giglio,
Teresa Bellomo,
Rosa Rossini,
Rosangela Ferrari,
Sabino Lupelli,
Luciano Tucci,
Michele Emiliano,
Francesca Paola Pastanella,
Caterina Caradonna,
Paki, il signor/Mr Laraspata,
Francesca Moretti
Raffaele Brunetti
vendita all’estero/
production, world sales
B&B film
Rai Cinema