by Sherry White
Country: Canada
Year: 2009
Duration: 94'

Mitsy, seventeen, lives in a ramshackle house with her grandmother, Bride, who has raised her since she was four. Mitsy is accepted as a student at the local college. Her grandmother is proud of her and wants Mitsy to elevate her life, but she has no idea that Mitsy secretly plans to move to Alberta to live with her real mother, Gwennie, after graduating. But when Gwennie shows up unexpectedly and stirs up trouble, Mitsy’s world starts to unravel. She must decide whether the woman who raised her is her enemy, or her strongest ally.

“We are all connected to our mothers, at birth. For many of us, this feeling of connection stays with us, until we are able to gain independence. But for other children, this connection is severed too quickly. Abruptly. And the child is left searching for it, for years afterwards. Some people realize, if you can’t find a mother, you can always be a mother. But, as Mitsy learns through adopting an old dog, you can’t be a real mother until you stop being a child.”


film director

Sherry White

Sherry White (Canada) in 2003 wrote the screenplay for the film The Bread Maker, in which she also starred. In 2006, she co-created, co-wrote and acted in the pilot episode of the series Rabbittown, which was produced for the Canadian TV network CBC. That same year she also wrote and acted in the CBC series Hatching, Matching and Dispatching, which received three Gemini Awards. In 2007, she directed her first short, Diamonds in a Bucket, followed the next year by Spoiled. In 2008, she helped write the CBC series MVP: The Secret Lives of Hockey Wives and the film Down to the Dirt, which previewed at the Toronto Film Festival and which received the Atlantic Film Festival Award for Best Screenplay. In 2009, besides directing her first feature film, Crackie, she helped write the script of the dramatic series Copper for CanWestGlobal.


Diamonds in a Bucket (cm, 2007), Spoiled (cm, 2008), Crackie (2009).


& Credits

regia, soggetto, sceneggiatura/director, story, screenplay
Sherry White
Stephen Reizes
montaggio/film editing
Chris Darlington
scenografia/production design
Shelley Cornick
Duane Andrews
Stephan Carrier
interpreti e personaggi/cast and characters
Meghan Greeley (Mitsy), Kristin Booth (Gail), Joel Thomas Hynes (Duffy), Jane Maggs (Vickie), Mary Walsh (Bride), Cheryl Wells (Gwenny)
Jennice Ripley, Rhonda Buckley, Sherry White
Kickham East Productions, Streely Maid Films
vendita all’estero/world sales
Kickham East Productions




Jury Special Prize ex aequo