by Antonio Tibaldi
Country: Italy
Year: 2009
Duration: 7'

A young pregnant girl goes to visit an
elderly inventor, who lives alone in an
old house. All his life, the man has been
searching for something and now that his
time is almost up he has built an object for
the child who will soon be born, in hopes
that the child will continue the search.

“We used a film technique that is usually
used for clay animation: the sounds and
the images are recorded separately and the
film is shot and edited frame by frame.”


film director

Antonio Tibaldi

 Antonio Tibaldi (Sydney, Australia, 1961) has been collaborating with the United Nations’ public information service since 2004, making film reportages and documentaries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe that show the social and political realities that don’t often make the news. His works have been aired by the major international television broadcasters, like CNN and the BBC. He has also written and directed five feature films in Canada, the United States and Italy, including On My Own, Little Boy Blue, which won best film at the Mystfest in Cattolica in 1997, and Lupo Mannaro, based on the novel by Carlo Lucarelli. In 2009, he presented two shorts at the Torino Film Festival, Kino-dream and Looking.


filmografia essenziale/essential filmography

No Sex (cm, doc., 1990), On My Own (Il colore dei suoi occhi, 1993), Correre contro (1996), Little Boy Blue (1997), Claudine’s Return (1998), Lupo mannaro (2000), John Crawford, Helen Garber (cm, doc., 2003), Tales from the Tsunami (doc., 2005), Escopetaras (doc., 2006), Los de la Glorieta de los Hongos (doc., 2007), Kino-dream (cm, 2008), Looking (cm, 2009), Pro-trusion (cm, 2011), [s]comparse (mm, doc., 2011). 




& Credits

regia, sceneggiatura,
montaggio, produttore/
director, screenplay,
film editing, producer
Antonio Tibaldi
basato sulla
poesia omonima/
based on the poem
of the same title di/
by John Doyel
Mariano Ribas-Rodriguez,
Antonio Tibaldi
Iin Purwanti
sound design & mix
Máximo Scott

John Doyel,
Ora Tsukrov
No-permit productions