Le coup du berger

Fool's mate
by Jacques Rivette
Country: France
Year: 1956
Duration: 30'

Claire receives a fur coat as a gift from her lover, Claude. Since she can’t take it home because it would make her husband suspicious, she puts it in a suitcase which she checks at the luggage deposit and tells her husband she found the receipt in a taxi. Her husband brings the suitcase home but the woman finds a different, less valuable fur coat inside. The mystery is resolved when Claire’s sister shows up wearing Claude’s present.


film director

Jacques Rivette

Jacques Rivette (Rouen, France, 1928) became involved in cinema as a critic for "Cahiers du cinema." Toward the end of the 1950's he became one of the promoters of the nouvelle vague, both as a theoretician and as a moviemaker. After working as an assistant to Becker, he debuted in 1960 with Paris Nous Appartient, the start of a reflection on the relationship between theater (or art in general) and life, which will be a hallmark of his entire oeuvre. Rivette became acquainted with both success and censorship with Suzanne Simonin, la Religieuse de Diderot (The Nun) in 1966. From L'Amour Fou (1967) to his more recent works he has established himself as one of the true masters of modern cinema.


Le coup du berger (cm, 1956), Paris nous appartient (1960), Suzanne Simonin, le religieuse de Diderot (Susanna Simonin, la religiosa, 1966), L'amour fou (1968), Out 1 Noli me tangere (1970), Out 1 Spectre (1971), Céline et Julie vont en bateau (1974), Duelle (1976), Noroît (1976), Merry-Go-Round (1981), Le Pont du Nord (1981), Paris s'en va (1981), L'amour par terre (L'amore in pezzi, 1984), Hurlevent (1985), La bande des quatre (Una recita a quattro, 1989), La Belle noiseuse (La bella scontrosa, 1991), Jeanne la Pucelle Les Batailles (Giovanna d'Arco. Prima parte, 1994), Jeanne la Pulcelle Les Prisons (Giovanna d'Arco, il processo. Seconda parte, 1994), Haut bas fragile (Alto basso fragile, 1995), Secret Defense (1998), Va savoir! (Chi lo sa?, 2000), Histoire de Marie et Julien (2002).


& Credits

Jacques Rivette
Charles Bitsch,
Claude Chabrol,
Jacques Rivette
Charles Bitsch
montaggio/film editing
Denise de Casabianca
interpreti e personaggi/
cast and characters
Virginie Vitry (Claire),
Étienne Loinod (Jean,
il marito/Husband),
Jean-Claude Brialy
(Claude, l’amante/Lover),
Anne Doat (Solange,
la sorella di Claire/
Claire’s Sister)
François Couperin
Pierre Braunberger
Les Films de la Pléiade