by Nicolas Provost
Country: Belgium
Year: 2007
Duration: 7'

Images of filmed kisses become images
of the universal kiss that is given and
received. The legendary screen couple
Montgomery Clift and Deborah Kerr
segue into the lips and sighs of James
Stewart and Kim Novak, while other
kisses follow each other and the films
interact. Vertigo, North by Northwest,
Blue Velvet, The Thomas Crown Affair
and From Here to Eternity all lend their
images which have become part of the
collective imagery to bring to life new,
spectacular kisses


film director

Nicolas Provost

Nicolas Provost (Brussels, Belgium, 1969) graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent in 1994. In 2003, his short Papillon d’amour received a special mention at the Sundance Film Festival, where three years later he competed with his film Exoticore, which was awarded the prize as best European film at the Short Film Festival in Vendôme and won the Grand Jury Prize at the Asian International Shortfilm Festival. In 2008, Plot Point won the Special Jury Prize at the International Short Film Festival of Clermont-Ferrand and also won the prize as best European film at the Short Film Festival in Vendôme. In 2009, the Torino Film Festival dedicated a complete retrospective to him.



Need Any Help? (cm, 2000), Madonna with Child (cm, 2001), Pommes d’amour (cm, 2001), I Hate This Town (cm, 2002), Yellow Mellow (cm, 2002), Bataille (cm, 2003), Papillon d’amour (cm, 2003), Oh Dear... (cm, 2004), Exoticore (cm, 2004), The Divers (cm, 2006), Induction (cm, 2006), Suspension (cm, 2007), Gravity (cm, 2007), Plot Point (cm, 2007), Long Live the New Flesh (cm, 2010), Storyteller (cm, 2010), Abstract Action (cm, 2010), Stardust (cm, 2010).


& Credits

regia, soggetto,
sceneggiatura, fotografia,
montaggio, suono,
director, story, screenplay,
cinematography, film
editing, sound, producer
Nicolas Provost
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