by Nicolas Provost
Country: Belgium
Year: 2004
Duration: 27'

A man from Burkina Faso arrives in
frosty Norway. He works as a subway
conductor but is unable to fit in with his
colleagues. He tries to make friends by
going to swimming pools and discos but
his direct approach doesn’t work in a
society which is so different from his
own. One day, as he is chasing a thief,
he is hit by a taxi. The anger he has
repressed over the years explodes and
only by hiding inside a lion costume he
is able to interrelate with the culture
from which he feels excluded.


film director

Nicolas Provost

Nicolas Provost (Brussels, Belgium, 1969) graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent in 1994. In 2003, his short Papillon d’amour received a special mention at the Sundance Film Festival, where three years later he competed with his film Exoticore, which was awarded the prize as best European film at the Short Film Festival in Vendôme and won the Grand Jury Prize at the Asian International Shortfilm Festival. In 2008, Plot Point won the Special Jury Prize at the International Short Film Festival of Clermont-Ferrand and also won the prize as best European film at the Short Film Festival in Vendôme. In 2009, the Torino Film Festival dedicated a complete retrospective to him.



Need Any Help? (cm, 2000), Madonna with Child (cm, 2001), Pommes d’amour (cm, 2001), I Hate This Town (cm, 2002), Yellow Mellow (cm, 2002), Bataille (cm, 2003), Papillon d’amour (cm, 2003), Oh Dear... (cm, 2004), Exoticore (cm, 2004), The Divers (cm, 2006), Induction (cm, 2006), Suspension (cm, 2007), Gravity (cm, 2007), Plot Point (cm, 2007), Long Live the New Flesh (cm, 2010), Storyteller (cm, 2010), Abstract Action (cm, 2010), Stardust (cm, 2010).


& Credits

regia, soggetto,
sceneggiatura, fotografia,
director, story, screenplay,
cinematography, producer
Nicolas Provost
montaggio/film editing
Nico Leunen
Senjan Jansen, Jason Pierce,
Poul Ruders
Senjan Jansen
interpreti e personaggi/
cast and characters
Issaka Sawadogo
(Exoticore), Machilla
Kolltveit Tambwe
(la figlia/Daughter),
Eva Borhaug
(la madre/Mother),
Pål Viken Bakke
(il ladro/Thief)
Victoria Gent
vendita all’estero/
world sales
Argos Distribution